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                Our Sponsor is Michael Dodd who owns CDDStamps (Commemorative Definitive Decimal Stamps).
Please support him by visiting his website at:, or at his online shop at: where you will find a selection of over 4400 Australian stamps including many perforation and imperf margin differences, as well as over 20,000 GB and British Commonwealth listings, that will help you fill gaps in your collection, believe it or not even I buy from him.
Both he and I are members in good standing at the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (IPDA), as members you are assured that their stock is good quality, and they are honest, Michael also writes about stamps at:, and about aviation and stamps at:

Every listing on this website has been produced with the permission of Australia Post, some scans are repeated on different pages, mainly for the Kangaroo & King George V issues, I simply cannot list every type & colour, as the listings and different colour ranges are far too diverse to try to do them justice on these pages, not to mention all the time & scans needed to complete such a vast endeavour, but as time permits I will list every stamp in my collection, along with those supplied to me by the many online club members & the many friends who have aided me in this endeavour, in the case of Booklets & Special Releases, some overprinted varieties are listed with the main issues on the first issue date, although they were issued at other times at Fairs & Expo's, as the dates become available, they will be listed on their issue date with a link to the original issue date (most of these were supplied to me without details), also a number of collectors who supplied me with the overprinted booklet scans, supplied them with the numbers removed, so the scan could not be copied with the number intact.
Also if you like to swap stamps (Australian and/or Worldwide), there are many good clubs online, one in particular is the All Nations Stamp Club, the site can be found here, and there were others but the demise of the Yahoo sites killed them, please join this group, this one and many others are made up of a lot of good people & they are great to swap with or gain information from, please email me at: for clarification of anything or for any further information and also to report any errors found within these pages etc., if you have an Australian stamp you cannot identify or cannot find, just drop me a line, I will ID it for you, a scan would be good but, if that is not possible, just describe it, any details are a plus, also look for the year date printed in micro on the face of the stamp.
If you buy Philatelic items on the Internet, check if those you are buying from are members of an accredited Philatelic Association, preferably one that is well known to support it's members and the hobby. Today with the ease of selling on the internet there are just far too many non philatelic people selling stuff that is not worth looking at, let alone paying good money for.
I really must thank a number of people at Australia Post, who made this endeavour much easier with their involvement, please peruse the Australia Post Website at:, and/or join the mailing list for the Australian Stamp Bulletin, unfortunately it appears Australia Post has deleted the archives of the Stamp Explorer for the younger collectors, which is disappointing, as the young are where we find the next generation of collectors, although the Australian Stamp Bulletin can be downloaded or received by mail. 

Please Note: The listings in this catalogue are for identification & information only, if valuations are required I suggest you contact your local stamp swap club or a reputable dealer, failing that contact me via email at: and I will see if someone can identify a good dealer in your area.

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Any corrections made to pages will be listed under the Changes, Corrections, Updates & News section, within the Welcome Page drop down menu above.
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