Australian Online Stamp Catalogue
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Expeditions, Explorers & Navigators

1930 Exploration of the Murray River
1½d Red, Captain Sturt
3d Blue, Captain Sturt

1946 Centenary of Sir Thomas Mitchell's Exploration of Central Queensland
2½d Red, Sir Thomas Mitchell & Queensland Map;
3½d Blue, Sir Thomas Mitchell & Queensland Map;
1/- Green, Sir Thomas Mitchell & Queensland Map

1947 150th Anniversary of the City of Newcastle
2½d Red Captain John Shortland

1949 Lord Forrest of Bunbury
2½d Red Lord Forrest

1954 Australian Research Expeditions in Antarctica
3½d Black Emblem incorporating map of Antarctica

1960 Centenary of the Exploration of the Northern Territory
5d Reddish Purple, based on a painting "The Overlanders" depicting John McDouall Stuart

1962 Centenary of Stuart's Overland Crossing
5d Red, John McDouall Stuart

1963 150th Anniversary of the Crossing of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales
5d Blue, Blaxland, Lawson & Wentworth

1963 Early Navigators Definitives (part 1)
4/- Blue, Abel Tasman

1964 Early Navigators Definitives (part 2)
5/- Red/Brown, William Dampier (white paper);
£1 Purple, George Bass (cream paper);
£2 Brown, Phillip Parker King (white paper)

1964 Early Navigators Definitives (part 3)
7/6 Green Lieutenant James Cook (white paper);
10/- Maroon, Matthew Flinders (cream paper)

1965 Early Navigators Definitives (part 4)
10/- Maroon, Matthew Flinders (white paper)

1966 Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Definitives - Early Navigators (issue 4)
40c Blue, Abel Tasman;
50c Red/Brown, William Dampier;
75c Green, Lieutenant James Cook;
$1 Maroon, Matthew Flinders;
$2 Purple, George Bass;
$4 Brown, Phillip Parker King

1966 350th Anniversary of Dirk Hartog landing on the coast of Western Australia
4c Blue/Orange-red/Black/Gold 15th Century Ship

1970 Captain Cook Bicentenary
5c Cook & the Endeavour; (Cook)
5c The Endeavour, Discovery, Cook & his Men, Aboriginals & a Kangaroo; (Cook)
5c The Endeavour, Cook, Banks, a Map & Sketches of Flora & Fauna; (Cook & Sir Joseph Banks)
5c The Endeavour, Sovereignty & Possession id Proclaimed; (Cook)
30c Cook, the Endeavour, a Sextant, a Kangaroo & Aboriginals (Cook)

1976 19th Century Explorers
18c John Forrest;
18c Ernest Giles;
18c William Gosse;
18c Hume & Hovell;
18c John Oxley;
18c Peter Warburton

1983 Explorers of Australia
30c Robert O'Hara Burke &William John Wills;
30c Alexander Forrest;
30c Ludwig Leichhardt;
30c Sir Paul de Strzelecki
1985 Australian Bicentennial (issue 2, part 1)
Terra Australis - Navigators
33c Abel Tasman
33c William Dampier
1986 Australian Bicentennial (issue 3, part 1)
New Holland - Cook's Voyage
90c Joseph Banks
90c Sydney Parkinson
1989 Colonial Collection - Pastoral Era (part 1)
39c Explorers
1991 Exploration of Albany, Western Australia
$1.05 Edward John Eyre & George Vancouver