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1957 XVI Olympic Games  Miniature Sheet (produced with permission)
In 1957, a Melbourne firm produced (with permission) 50,000 miniature sheets, with the four 1956, Olympic stamps (in reduced size) in a miniature sheet, with for all intents & purposes an Olympic Postmark, this issue has no postal value or validity, so this sheet is a CINDERELLA.
2005 Pacific Stamp Explorer Exhibition
Special Sheetlet
Perforated by Entrant
Designer: Simone Sakinofsky, Australia Post Design Studio - Printer: ?
This sheetlet was issued at the 2005 Pacific Explorer Exhibition (held at Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia) by Australia Post and perforated by the receiver in a special machine; the illustrations were based on the 1937-1938 Zoological designs produced by Frank D. Manley, the stamps are NOT valid for postage, so the sheet is a CINDERELLA.
First available 21 April 2005

Listed below are two stamps supplied by Martin Harmer, he found them at his grandparents home in South Australia, they were in books being used as page markers, it just goes to show keep your eyes open, there is Gold in them there hills.  They are obviously from South Australia as the map of the State is show in the stamp, a figure of 5 cents is also shown, so they are post 1966 after Decimal currency came into force.  I have made inquiries and will list anything that is discovered.  It is extremely disappointing that further details are not forthcoming, as at September 2022, nothing new has come to light.
Another item from Mark Harmer, this one a miniature sheet for National Stamp Week 7 to 14 October, 1974.