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1932 Issues
Zoological Issue
Designer: Frank D. Manley - Engravers: E. Broad & Frank D. Manley - Printer: John Ash
This issue has two designs, the first, a Kookaburra, similar to the 1914 & 1928 Issues, the second is a Lyre Bird, the Lyre Bird was also used for Official mail.
Date of issue (in brackets), followed by engraver, watermark and perforation
9-1-1 6d Brown Kookaburra, (1 June), Engraver - E. Broad, Watermark 47 [C of A], perforation 13½ x 12½;
10-1-1 1/- Green Lyre Bird, (15 February), Engraver - F. D. Manley, without Watermark, perforation 11;
10-1-1 POS 1/- Green Lyre Bird, Official Overprinted OS

Sydney Harbour Bridge Opening

Engraved Issue
Without Watermark
Designer: R.A. Harrison - Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: John Ash
This issue commemorates the Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the design incorporates a view of the Bridge from the eastern side, below the bridge is the R.M.S. Orford one of the largest passenger ships of the time, that ran between England & Australia, two Official stamps (the 2d Red & 3d Blue) were issued overprinted OS.
Issued 14 March with perforation 11
11-1-1 2d Red;
11-2-1 3d Blue;
11-3-1 5/- Green;
11-1-1 POS 2d Red, Official Overprinted OS;
11-2-1 POS 3d Blue, Official Overprinted OS

Typographed Issue
 Watermark 47 C of A
Designer: R.A. Harrison - Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: John Ash
Issued 14 March with perforation 10½
11-1-2 2d Red

In 1932 an Adelaide collector discovered an unusual stamp, although it looked like the 2d watermarked Harbour Bridge (above), the printing was rough & the perforation was 11, two men Charles Jackson & Henry Elderfield (an engraver) were later charged & jailed for forging this and one other stamp (see 1932 King George V Issues)