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1973 Issues
The initials NPB below stands for Note Printing Branch

Metric Conversion
Designer: Weatherhead & Stitt Pty. Ltd. - Printer: NPB
This issue was released to highlight the changes in the conversion to metric, the four stamps covered; Length, Mass, Volume & Temperature.
Issued 7 March with perforation 14¾ x 14
325-1-1 7c Length;
326-1-1 7c Mass;
327-1-1 7c Volume;
328-1-1 7c Temperature

25th Anniversary of the World Health Organisation
Designer: Harry Williamson - Printer: NPB
This issue commemorates 25 years since the inception of the World Health Organisation, the central part of the design is the emblem of the W. H. O.
Issued 4 April with perforation 14¾ x 14

329-1-1 7c WHO Emblem

Famous Australians
Issue 3

Designer: John Santry with engraving by the NPB - Printer: NPB
This release is the third Famous Australians, the previous issues were in booklet form, these were printed in Se-tenant form, the designs are: Dame Mary Gilmore (1865-1962), writer & poet; Marcus Clark (1846-1881), 19th century novelist & poet; William Charles Wentworth (1790-1872), statesman, poet & explorer; Sir Isaac Isaacs (1855-1948), 1st Australian born Governor General.  These stamps were printed Brown-Black on litho paper, that had been pre-printed by lithography with Lilac & Bistre Panels, there are five issues in this series of Famous Australians the issues are: Issue 1, November, 1968; Issue 2, November, 1970; Issue 3, May. 1973 (below); Issue 4, August, 1975; Issue 5, November, 1976.
Issued 16 May with perforation 14¾ x 14

330-1-1 7c Dame Mary Gilmore;
331-1-1 7c Marcus Clark;
332-1-1 7c William Charles Wentworth;
333-1-1 7c Sir Isaac Isaacs

330-1-1_333-1-1 SS Se-tenant Block of 4

National Development
Short-term Definitive
Issue 2

Designer: John Copeland - Printer: NPB
This issue is the second in national development, the first was in August, 1970, this issue of four stamps focused on Shipping, Iron-Ore & Steel, Beef Roads & Mapping.
Issued 16 June with perforation 13½ x 13¼
334-1-1 20c Shipping;
335-1-1 25c Iron Ore & Steel;
336-1-1 30c Beef Roads;
337-1-1 35c Mapping

Australian Marine Life & Gemstones Definitives
Part 1

Designers: Marine Life, Artist's of the NPB - Gemstones, John Mason - Printer: NPB
This issue was released in two parts, Part 1, July, 1973 (below); Part 2, October, 1974, there are also two sections to this release, Marine life & Gemstones, there has also been a previous issue of Marine Life in February, 1966.
Issued 11 July with perforation as below
338-1-1 1c Banded Coral Shrimp, perforation 14 x 13¾, withdrawn 17 September, 1980;
339-1-1 2c Fiddler Crab, perforation 14 x 13¾, withdrawn 17 September, 1980;
340-1-1 3c Reticulated Coral Crab, perforation 14 x 13¾, withdrawn 17 September, 1980;
341-1-1 4c Mauve Stinger, perforation 14 x 13¾;

342-1-1 6c Chrysoprase, perforation 13¾ x 14;
343-1-1 7c Agate, perforation 13¾ x 14;
344-1-1 8c Opal, perforation 13¾ x 14;
345-1-1 9c Rhodonite, perforation 13¾ x 14

50th Anniversary of Legacy
Designer: George Hamori - Printer: NPB
This issue was released to commemorate 50 years of care by Legacy (care for ex-servicemen's widows & children), the design shows children at play with a protective & helping hand around them, the hand represents legacy.
Issued 5 September with perforation 13 x 13½

348-1-1 7c Legacy Protecting Children at Play

Christmas 1973
Designer: George Hamori - Printer: NPB
This issue celebrates Christmas, there are two designs the 7c, is the "Baptism of Christ", with the words "This is My Beloved Son."  And the 30c, is "The Good Shepherd", with the words "I am the Good Shepherd."
Issued 3 October with perforation as below
349-1-1 7c The Baptism of The Christ, perforation 14.2 x 13.8;
349-1-2 7c The Baptism of The Christ, perforation 14.7 x 13.8;
350-1-1 30c The Good Shepherd, perforation 13½ x 13¼

Architecture Commemorative & Definitives
Designer: Arthur Leydin - Printer: NPB
This release covers both a commemorative & a definitive issue, the 7c stamp issued with two different perforations is the commemorative, while the 10c, 40c & 50c are the definitives, the designs are: 7c, the Sydney Opera House, Sydney, New South Wales; 10c, Buchanan's Hotel, Townsville, Queensland; 40c, Como, Melbourne, Victoria; 50c, St. James' Church, Sydney, New South Wales.
Issued 17 October with perforation as below
351-1-1 7c Sydney Opera House, N.S.W., perforation 14.2 x 13.8;
351-1-2 7c Sydney Opera House, N.S.W., perforation 14.7 x 13.8;
352-1-1 10c Buchanan's Hotel, Townsville, QLD, perforation 13¼ x 14;
353-1-1 40c Como, Melbourne, VIC, perforation 13¼ x 12½;
354-1-1 50c St. James Church, Sydney, N.S.W., perforation 13½ x 13¼

Native Flowers (Coil Issue)
Issue 2, Part 4

Designer: Artist's of the NPB - Printer: NPB
This issue was  released in two issues containing seven parts; two parts in issue one & five parts in issue two, although issue two was only released in coil format the two releases compliment & complete each other.  Issue 1, Part 1, July, 1968; Issue 2, Part 1, April, 1970; Issue 2, Part 2, September, 1970; Issue 1, Part 2, May, 1971;Issue 2, Part 3, October, 1971; Issue 2, Part 4, November, 1973 (below) & Issue 2, Part 5, January, 1975.   These flowers are also the Floral Emblems of Australia (State or National) as listed after each description. There was also an Australian Native Flower release during the years, 1959, 1960 & 1964, but in pounds, shillings & pence values.  The Sturt's Desert Rose is the State Floral Emblem of the Northern Territory, this stamp was re-released with thicker lettering.
Issued November with perforation 14½ x Imperforate

265-4-1 2c Sturt's Desert Rose, Thick Lettering

50th Anniversary of Radio Broadcasting in Australia
Designer: Eric Thake - Printer: NPB
This issue was released to commemorate 50 years of radio broadcasting in Australia, the design shows an old style two valve Wireless with a horn speaker.
Issued 21 November with perforation 13¼

355-1-1 7c Old Wireless