Australian Online Stamp Catalogue
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Art and/or Arts
Listings include: Dance, Drama, Music (Performing Arts) and/or (Instruments), Paintings, Poetry & Sculpture, Pottery, Design etc
Dance & Drama
1971 28th International Congress of Orientalists, Canberra, Australia - Asia Series
7c Theatrical Characters

1977 Australian Performing Arts Definitive
30c Drama;
40c Dance
1986 Christmas (School Nativity Play)
30c Joseph, Mary & the Babe
36c Three Kings
60c Angels
30c Shepherds
30c Angels
30c Joseph, Mary & Angels
30c Shepherd & Angels
30c Three Kings & Teacher
1988 Living Together Definitives
80c Performing Arts
1988 Joint Bicentennial Issue with the United Kingdom
37c Performing Arts
1989 Stage and Screen
39c Moncrieff & Rene
85c Chauvel & Rafferty
$1 Stewart & Williamson
$1.10 Lyle & Longford
Literary Achievements
1991 Literary Legends of the 1890's
43c Seven Little Australians;
75c On Our Selection;
$1 Clancy of the Overflow;
$1.20 The Drover's Wife
Music &/or Musical Instruments
1971 28th International Congress of Orientalists, Canberra, Australia - Asia Series
15c Musical Instruments

1977 Australian Performing Arts Definitive
20c Music;
60c Opera
1988 Living Together Definitives
80c Performing Arts

Painting and/or Designs from Paintings
1937 150th Anniversary of Founding of Australia, Sydney & Sesquicentenary of Australian Commonwealth
2d Red, Design taken from Painting by John Allcott;
3d Blue, Design taken from Painting by John Allcott;
9d Purple, Design taken from Painting by John Allcott

1949 75th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union
3½d Blue, Outback Mail Carrier on horse back (by Sir Daryl Lindsay)

1951 Commonwealth Jubilee - 50 Years Since Federation
½d Blue, Duke of York opening Parliament House (by Tom Roberts)

1971 Aboriginal Art
20c Bark Painting;
25c Body Painting;
30c Cave Paintings;
35c Grave Posts

1974 Australian Paintings (issue 1)
$1 'Sargeant of the Light Horse' (by George Lambert);
$2 'Red Gums of the Far North' (by Hans Heysen);
$4 'Shearing the Rams' (by Tom Roberts)

1974 Christmas
10c The Adoration of the Magi;
35c Flight into Egypt

1976 Christmas
15c Madonna & Child

1977 Australian Paintings (issue 2)
$10 'Coming South' (by Tom Roberts)

1978 Christmas (part 1)
25c The Virgin & Child (by Van Eyck)

1978 Christmas (part 2)
15c The Madonna & Child (by Marmion);
55c The Holy Family (by del Vaga)

1979 Australian Paintings (issue 3)
$5 McMahon's Point (by Sir Arthur Streeton)

1979 Christmas
15c Christ's Nativity by the the Dadieleon Monks, Mount Athes, Greece

1980 Christmas
15c The Virgin Enthroned (by Justin O'Brien);
28c The Holy Family(by prospero Fontana)

1981 Australian Paintings (issue 4)
$2 On The Wallaby Track (by Frederick Cubbin)

1984 Australian Paintings (issue 5)
$5 A Holiday at Mentone
1985 Australia Day
30c Musgrave Ranges
30c The Walls of China
1986 Australian Bicentennial (issue 3, part 1)
New Holland - Cook's Voyage
33c Banksia serrata
33c Hibiscus meraukensis
50c Dillenia alata
80c Correa reflexa
1988 Australian Bicentennial (issue 6, part 2)
The Early Years 1788-1809
37c Government House, Sydney 1790
37c Government Farm, Parramatta 1791
37c Parramatta Road, Sydney 1796
37c The Rocks & Sydney Cove 1800
37c Sydney Hospital, Sydney 1803
1989 Australian Impressionists
41c Impression
41c Impression for Golden Summer
41c All on a Summer's Day
41c Petit Dejeuner
1990 Community Health
41c Smoking
41c Alcohol
41c Nutrition
41c Screening
1990 Gardens Definitive (part 3)
$20 John Glover Painting
1990 Heidelberg and Heritage Booklets
28c Salmon Gums
43c Blue Dress
1993 Australia Day
International Year of Indigenous People
45c Ghost Gum
45c Mount Giles
1991 150th Anniversary of Australian Photography
43c Max Dupain;
43c Wolfgang Sievers;
70c Harold Cazneaux;
$1.20 Olive Cotton
1949 Anniversary of Henry Lawson's Birth
2½d Red Henry Lawson
1987 Australiana (issue 3)
The Man from Snowy River
36c at the station
36c mountain bred
36c that terrible descent
36c at their heals
36c brought them back
Sculpture, Pottery, Design etc.
1979 Christmas
55c a relief - Madonna & Child by Benedetto Di Giovanni Buglioni

1980 Christmas
60c Madonna & Child (from the school of Michael Zuern, the younger)
1986 150th Anniversary of South Australia
33c Sculpture 'City Sign'
1988 Living Together Definitives (issue 1, part 1)
45c Health
1988 Living Together  Definitives (issue 2)
75c Visual Aids
1988 Australian Crafts
2c Necklace
5c Vase
39c Teapot
1989 Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II
39c Bronze Statue of Her Majesty the Queen