Australian Online Stamp Catalogue
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All Forms of Communication

1936 Commemorating the Opening of the Telephone Cable from Tasmania to Victoria

2d Red, Amphitrite, Greek goddess of the sea;
3d Blue, Amphitrite, Greek goddess of the sea

1949 75th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union
3½d Blue, Outback Mail Carrier

1950 Centenary of Postage Stamps in Australia (reproduction of pre-federation stamps)
2½d Sydney Views;
2½d Queen Victoria (half length view)

1954 Centenary of the First Telegraph Line
3½d Red, Telegraph Pole & Morse Key

1955 Pioneers of the Coaching Era
3½d Sepia,
Outback Cobb & Co. Coach (mail carrier)
2/- Brown, Outback Cobb & Co. Coach (mail carrier)

1955 Centenary of the First South Australian Postage Stamp
3½d Green Queen Victoria (reproduction of first stamp)

1959 150th Anniversary of the Australian Post Office
4d Slate, Isaac Nichols (first Post Master) on board the Experiment in Sydney Cove 1809
1963 Commemorating the Opening of the Pacific Telephone Cable, Linking Australia & New Zealand with Canada & Britain
2/3 Multi-colour, Cable Spanning the Globe
1965 Centenary of the International Telecommunications Union
5d Blue, Brown/Orange/Black Tower Spanning the Earth
1968 World Weather Watch & Telecommunications Satellite
5c Weather Watch Satellite in Orbit;
20c World Weather Map & Computer Sections;
25c Intelsat II Satellite & Dish Antenna

1972 Centenary of the Completion of the Overland Telegraph
7c Overland Telegraph

Pioneer Life in Australia
60c Morse Code Key
1973 50th Anniversary of Radio Broadcasting in Australia
7c Old Wireless
1974 Centenary of the Universal Postal Union
7c Stylised Pigeon & Envelope;
30c 3 - Stylised Pigeons & Envelope

1975 Centenary of the First Effective Telephone Transmission by Alexander Graham Bell
18c Alexander Graham Bell & Bell Designed Telephone

1983 World Communications Year
27c Communication Network Symbolism
1985 Australia Post Electronic Mail
33c Dish Antenna
1986 Aussat
33c High Altitude Satellite, high on horizon
33c High Altitude Satellite, low on horizon
1988 Living Together Definitives
37c Postal Services
1989 50th Anniversary of Radio Australia
41c Radio Waves
1990 Thinking of You (issue 1)
41c Flower Bouquet
1990 Community Health
41c Smoking
41c Alcohol
41c Nutrition
41c Screening
1990 Colonial Collection Series (part 2)
150th Anniversary of the First Postage Stamp
41c 1861 5/- Purple Coin, New South Wales
41c 1855 1/- Violet Queen, South Australia
41c 1853 1d Orange Queen, Van Dieman's Land
41c 1867 5/- Blue on Yellow Laureate, Victoria
41c 6d Green Queen, Queensland
41c 4d Blue Inverted Swan, Western Australia
1991 The Golden Years of Radio
43c Talent Quests & Variety Shows;
43c Serials;
85c Quiz Shows;
$1 Children's Shows