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1947 Issues

150th Anniversary of the City of Newcastle
Watermark 47 (C of A)
Designers: Frank D. Manley 2½d Red & 3½d Blue; G. Lissenden 5½d Green - Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: W. C. G. McCracken
There are three stamps in this issue, 2½d Red, 3½d Blue & 5½d Green, Lieutenant John Shortland, discovered the Hunter River estuary, where the City of Newcastle was built, but by error the portrait on the 2½d Red is that of his father Captain John Shortland, the 3½d Blue design shows the Steel Foundry at Newcastle & the 5½d Green shows a coal crane.
Issued 10 September with perforation shown below
49-1-1 2½d Red Captain John Shortland, perforation 14¾ x 14;
50-1-1 3½d Blue Newcastle Steel Foundry, perforation14¼ x 14½;
51-1-1 5½d Green Coal Crane, perforation 14½ x 14¼

Wedding of Princess Elizabeth
Issue 1

Watermark 47 (C of A)
Designer: R. A. Harrison - Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
There were two issues of this stamp, Issue 1, 1947 (below), perforation 14 x 14¾, with the C of A watermark & Issue 2, 1948 perforation 14 x 15, without a watermark, the design shows the face of the young Queen to be, although released to commemorate Princess Elizabeth's wedding to Prince Phillip, this stamp remained in circulation until 1953.
Issued 20 November with perforation 14 x 14¾

52-1-1 1d Purple Princess Elizabeth