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Christmas and/or Religious
1957 Christmas
3½d Red,The Child Samuel at Prayer;
4d Purple, The Child Samuel at Prayer

1958 Christmas
3½d Red, Nativity Scene;
4d Purple, Nativity Scene

1959 Christmas
5d Purple, The Magi

1960 Christmas
5d Crimson Lake, Bible

1961 Christmas
5d Brown, Wharncliffe Hours Devotional

1962 Christmas
5d Purple, Limestone Carving

1963 Christmas
5d Blue, Christmas Star

1964 Christmas
5d Multi-colour Child & Nativity Scene

1965 Christmas
5d Blue/Gold/Brown/Black, Nativity Scene

1966 Christmas
4c Olive/Green/Black, Adoration of the Shepherds

1967 Christmas
5c Arches & Christmas Bells
25c Mixed Design (Religious Symbols)

1968 Christmas
5c Church Windows & Scene from Bethlehem

1969 Christmas
5c Stained Glass Window;
25c The Tree of Life

1970 Christmas
6c Nativity Scene

1971 Christmas
7c Blue/Pink Star on Pink, Red Lettering;
7c Pink/Red Star on Red, White Lettering;
7c Pink/White Star on Green, Blue Lettering;
7c Blue/Red Star on Red, White Lettering;
7c Blue/Pink Star on Pink, Green Lettering;
7c Blue/Green Star on Green, Blue Lettering;
7c Pink/Blue Star on White, Pink Lettering

1972 Christmas
7c Jesus with Little Children;
35c From the Cross to Illumination

1973 Christmas
7c The Baptism;
30c The Good Shepherd

1974 Christmas
10c The Adoration of the Magi;
35c Flight into Egypt

1975 Christmas
15c Wisemen, Mary & Jesus
45c Star, Rays of Light

1976 Christmas
15c Madonna & Child;
45c Holly, Koala, Bauble, Tree & Partridge

1977 Christmas
15c Surfing Santa;
45c Madonna & Child

1978 Christmas (part 1)
25c The Virgin & Child

1978 Christmas (part 2)
15c The Madonna & Child;
55c The Holy Family

1979 Christmas (part 1)
25c Christmas Parcels

1979 Christmas (part 2)
15c Christ's Nativity;
55c Madonna & Child

1980 Christmas
15c The Virgin Enthroned;
28c The Holy Family;
60c Madonna & Child

1981 Christmas (part 1)
30c The Silver Stars are in the Sky

1981 Christmas (part 2)
18c Christmas Bush for His Adorning;
60c Noel-time

1982 Christmas (part 1)
35c Spray of Wattle surrounding a Graphic Monochrome of Sydney Harbour

1982 Christmas (part 2)
27c Bushman's Hotel & Cobb & Co Coach;
75c Little Girl Offering a Swagman Christmas Pudding

1983 Christmas (part 1)
35c Christmas Kookaburra

1983 Christmas (part 2)
24c Nativity Scene;
85c Holiday Makers & Santa Claus

1984 Christmas (part 1)
40c Angelic Figure

1984 Christmas (part 2)
24c Angel & Child;
30c Veiled Virgin & Child;
50c Three Kings;
85c Madonna & Child
1985 Christmas (part 1)
45c Angel with Candle Mast in Sailing Boat
1985 Christmas (part 2)
27c Angel with Holly Wings
33c Angel with Bells
55c Angel with Christmas Star
90c Angel with Bauble
1986 Christmas
30c Joseph, Mary & the Babe
36c Three Kings
60c Angels
50c Shepherds
30c Angels
30cm Joseph, Mary & Angels
30x Shepherd & Angels
30c Three Kings & Teacher
1987 Christmas
30c Grandmother & Two Girls
30c Father & Two Girls
30c Four Children
30c Family Group
30c Teenagers
37c Senior Citizens
63c Family
1988 Living Together Definitives (series 2)
1c Religion
1988 Christmas
32c Nativity Scene
39c Koala with Santa Hat
63c Cockatoo as Santa
1989 Christmas
36c Annunciation
41c Annunciation to the Shepherds
80c Adoration of the Magi
1990 Christmas
38c Kookaburras
43 Bush Nativity
80c Possum
1991 Christmas
38c Shepherd,
38c Shepherd Booklet Stamp,
43c Infant Jesus,
90c Wise Men
1992 Christmas -  A Child's View of Christmas
40c Nativity Play, a child's view of Christmas,
40c Nativity Play, Booklet Stamp,
45c Christmas Morning,
$1 Carols-By-Candlelight
1993 Christmas
40c Goodwill,
45c Joy,
$1 Peace