Australian Online Stamp Catalogue
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1946 Peace & Victory
5½d Angel, Peace, Motherhood & Industry

1947 150th Anniversary of the City of Newcastle
3½d Blue Newcastle Steel Foundry;
5½d Green Coal Crane

1953 Produce Food!
3d Green Beef;
3d Green Butter;
3d Green Wheat;
3d Red Beef;
3d Red Butter;
3d Red Wheat

1958 Inauguration of Around the World Air Service by Qantas Airways
2/- Blue Airliner

1963 Export Consciousness
5d Red, International Trade

1968 Australian Primary Industries (Issue 1)
7c Sugar;
15c Timber;
20c Wheat;
25c Wool

1970 National Development (issue 1)
7c Snowy Mountains Scheme;
8c Ord River Scheme;
9c Bauxite to Aluminium
10c Oil & Natural Gas
1972 Australian Primary Industries (issue 2)
20c Fruit;
25c Rice;
30c Fish;
35c Beef

1973 National Development (issue 2)
20c Shipping;
25c Iron Ore & Steel;
30c Beef Roads;
35c Mapping

1974 Education
5c Pre-School Education;
11c Correspondence Schools
15c Science Education;
60c Advanced Education

1975 Environmental Dangers
10c Road Safety;
10c Pollution;
10c Bushfires Dangers

1975 Scientific Development
11c Atomic Absorption
24c Radio Astronomy
33c Immunology
48c Oceanography
1987 Australian Achievements in Technology
37c Bionic Ear
53c VSLI Microchips
63c Robotics
68c Ceramics

1988 Living Together Definitives
4c Trade Unions
10c Transport
20c Commerce
25c Housing
37c Postal Services
45c Health
50c Mining
53c Primary Industry
70c Science & Technology
80c Performing Arts
90c Banking
$1 Rescue & Emergency Services
1988 Living Together Definitives
1c Religion
2c Industry
3c Local Government
5c Parliament
30c Welfare
40c Recreation
55c Education
60c Armed Forces
63c Police
65c Telecommunications
68c The Media
75c Visual Aids
95c Law
1989 Sheep in Australia
39c Merino
39c Poll Dorset
85c Polwarth
$1 Corriedale
1993 Working Life in the 1890's
45c Baking, Bootmaking & Shearing
45c Seamstress's Stevedoring
$1 Blacksmith, Telephonist & Domestic
$1.20 Carpentry & Stone Masonry