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1931 Issues
Honouring Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith
Without Watermark
Designer: Frank D. Manley - Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: John Ash
This release honours Air Commodore Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith, the design shows the Southern Cross above globes of the world, the 6d also had AIRMAIL SERVICE on the side panel, where as the 2d & 3d values were inscribed POSTAGE, all with laurel leaves & flowers below the globes, the 6d OS stamp was not just for Official use and was also on sale to the public.

Standard Issue including Airmail
Issued 19 March with perforation 11

8-1-1 2d Red;
8-2-1 3d Blue;
8-3-1 6d Purple, Airmail

Official Issue
Issued 4 May with perforation 11

8-1-1 POS 2d Red, Official Overprinted OS;
8-2-1 POS 3d Blue, Official Overprinted OS

Airmail Official Airmail Issue
Issued November with perforation 11

8-4-1 6d Brown, Airmail;
8-4-1 POS 6d Brown, Official Airmail Overprinted OS