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1962 Issues

Zoological Issue
Issue 1, Part 4

Designer: Miss Eileen Mayo - Engravers:
6d, 8d & 9d B. Stewart; 11d P.E. Morris ; 1/- Frank D. Manley - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
This is the second Zoological Issue, the first being a King George VI Definitive issue between 1937 & 1956, this issue was released in four parts over four years,  Issue 1, Part 1, 1959; Issue 1, Part 2, 1960; Issue 1, Part 3, 1961; Issue 1, Part 4, 1962 (below).
Issued 21 March for perforation 14 x 14¾

140-1-1 1/2 Purple, Tasmanian Tiger

Third Queen Elizabeth II Definitives
Part 2

Designer: G. Lissenden - Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
This was the third release of Queen Elizabeth II definitives, Part 1, 1959 was issued in February, March, & October; Part 2, 1962 was issued in March (below), all designs were based on photographs taken by Baron Studios, London.
Issued 21 March with perforation 14¾ x 14

122-1-1 2d Red/Brown, Queen Elizabeth II

Centenary of Stuart's Overland Crossing
Designer: Walter Jardine - Engraver: P.E. Morris - Printer: W C.G. McCracken
The design of this stamp was based on a photograph of John McDouall Stuart, which was taken about 1863 & was made available by Mrs Mona Stuart Webster, a relative, there were two types of this stamp due to printing errors, Type 1, the top lines to the left of Stuart's face are broken; Type 2, the lines are complete.
Issued 25 July with perforation 14½ x 14¾

150-1-1 5d Red Type 1, broken lines;
150-1-2 5d Red Type 2, no errors

50th Anniversary of the Founding of the Inland Mission
Designer: Frank D. Manley - Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
This was the first multicolour photogravure stamp produced in Australia, The Australian Inland Mission was created by the Reverend John Flynn in 1912, the design shows the Reverend John Flynn's grave & an A. I. M. Nurse.
Issued 5 September with perforation 13¼ x 13½

151-1-1 5d Multi-colour, Rev. John Flynn's Grave

World Conference of the Country Women of the World, Melbourne
Designer: D. Dundas - Engraver: G. Lissenden - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
Design shows the C. W. A. (Country Women's Association) Allegory.
Issued 26 September with perforation 14 x 14¼

152-1-1 5d Green, CWA Allegory

Christmas 1962
Designer: G. Lissenden - Engraver: G. Lissenden - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
The design for this stamp is based on an early 16th century Spanish limestone carving of the "Madonna and Child" which is on display in the Victorian National Gallery, Melbourne.
Issued 17 October with perforation 14½ x 14¾

153-1-1 5d Purple, Limestone Carving

VII British Empire & Commonwealth Games
Designers: Ralph Malcolm Warner 5d; George Hamori 2/3 - Printed photogravure by Harrisons & Sons, London
The first stamp a 5d is of Kangaroo Paw flowers with the city of Perth in the background, the second 2/3 incorporates the Perth coat of arms, a wreath & a running track.
Issued 1 November with perforation as below

154-1-1 5d Multi-colour Kangaroo Paw, perforation 13¾x14;
155-1-1 2/3 Multi-colour Perth Coat of Arms & Running Track, perforation 14¾x14