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1944 Issues

King George VI Definitive Issue Listings
The first King George VI definitive issue is huge, we have the standard issue in 2 Parts with 4 issues (1937-41), then the Zoological issue in 3 Parts with 8 Issues (1937-56) followed by the Robes Design issue in 3 Issues(1938-49), then the King George VI Surcharges in 1 Issue (1941), followed by the additional King George VI Definitives in 5 Issues (1942-49), then the Additional Zoological release in 3 Issues (1948-56), I have separated all of these for convenience, numbering them by part &/or issue, then adding links to each section where they appear, this list is printed at the start of each year where they exist.  

Additional King George VI Definitive Issues
Part 3
Watermark 47 (C of A)
Designer: Frank D. Manley - Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: W. C. G. McCracken
This issue is of King George VI, Queen Elizabeth & an Emu was released in 5 Parts, Part 1, 1942
, Part 2, 1943, Part 3, 1944 (below), Part 4, 1948, Part 5, 1949.
Issued 4 December with perforation 14¾ x 14

40-1-1 2d Purple King George VI