Australian Online Stamp Catalogue
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1948 Pan Pacific Scout Jamboree
2½d Red, Scout Leader

1949 75th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union
3½d Blue, Outback Mail Carrier on horse back

1952 Pan Pacific Scout Jamboree at Greystanes N.S.W.
3½d Red, Scout Leader

1953 25th Anniversary of Australian Young Farmers' Clubs
3½d bi-coloured, Young Farmers

1954 40th Anniversary of the Australian Red Cross
3½d Blue & Red, (a red cross over Australia)

1954 Olympic Games Publicity (issue 1)
2/- or 2s Blue, Olympic Games Poster

1955 50th Anniversary of Rotary International
3½d Red Rotary Emblem

1955 Pioneers of the Coaching Era
3½d Sepia, Outback Coach (Cobb & Co)
2/- Brown, Outback Coach (Cobb & Co)

1955 World Centenary of the YMCA (Young Man's Christian Association)
3½d Green & Red

1955 Centenary of the Florence Nightingale Service
3½d Purple Nurse

1955 Olympic Games Publicity (issue 2)
2/- or 2s Green, Olympic Games Poster

1957 The Royal Flying Doctor Service
7d Blue, Caduceus over Australia

1960 50th Anniversary of the Girl Guide Movement
5d Blue, Girl Guide with Lord Baden-Powell

1961 10th Anniversary of the Colombo Plan
1/- Brown, Planning for Prosperity

1961 Northern Territory Cattle Industry Definitive (part 1)
5/- Red/Brown Cutting out a Steer

1962 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the Inland Mission
5d Multi-colour, Rev, John Flynn's Grave & Nurse

1962 World Conference of the Country Women of the World, Melbourne
5d Green, CWA Allegory

1963 Centenary of the Red Cross Movement
5d Blue, Red & Grey, Red Cross 

1964 Northern Territory Cattle Industry Definitive (part 2)
5/- Bright Red/Brown Cutting Out a Steer

1965 International Year of Co-operation
2/3 Blue & Green Clasped Hands surrounded by Wreath of Friendship

1966 75th Anniversary of Royal Life Saving Society
4c Ultra Blue/Blue/Black, Life Saving

1967 150th Anniversary of the British & Foreign Bible Society
4c Multi-coloured, Bible

1967 150th Anniversary of Banking in Australia
4c Combination Lock & Keys

1967 50th Anniversary of Lions International
4c Lions Club Emblem

1967 Centenary of the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
4c YWCA Emblem

1967 5th World Conference of Gynaecology & Obstetrics
4c light Red-violet/Blue/Indigo/Black, Female Symbol & Figures

1968 Soil Science & Medical Conference
5c Soil Sample;
5c Hippocrates

1968 XIX Olympic Games
5c Athlete & Anzac Calendar Stone;
25c Mexican Flag & Aztec Calendar Stone

1968 11th Triennial Congress of the International Union of Building Societies & Savings Associations
5c Yellow/Green/Mauve/Brown/Black, House & Money

1969 6th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Ports and Harbours
5c Multi-colour Port Melbourne

1969 Australian Primary Industries (issue 1)
7c Sugar, Multi-colour;
15c Timber, Multi-colour;
20c Wheat, Multi-colour;
25c Wood, Multi-colour

1970 25th Anniversary of the United Nations
6c United Nations as a Growing Plant

1970 50th Anniversary of Qantas
6c Boeing 707 & an Avro 504K;
30c Sunbeam Dyak Aircraft & a Boeing 707

1971 28th International Congress of Orientalists, Canberra, Australia - Asia Series
7c Theatrical Characters;
15c Musical Instruments;
20c Sea Craft

1971 Centenary of the Foundation of the Australian Natives' Association
6c The Southern Cross

1971 Centenary of the Sydney Stock Exchange
6c Market Graph Representation

1971 50 years of Rotary in Australia
6c Rotary Emblem 

1971 Centenary of the Foundation of the RSPCA
6c Horse, Cat & Dog;
12c Scientist & Lamb
18c Kangaroo;
24c Guide Dog

1972 50th Anniversary of the Country Women's Association
7c CWA Emblem

1972 Australian Primary Industries (issue 2)
20c Fruit;
25c Rice;
30c Fish;
35c Beef

1972 10th International Congress of Accountants, Sydney
7c Abacus & Computer Circuits

1973 25th Anniversary of the World Health Organisation
7c WHO Emblem

1973 50th Anniversary of Legacy
7c Legacy

1974 Centenary of the Universal Postal Union
7c Stylised Pigeon & Envelope;
30c 3 - Stylised Pigeons & Envelopes

1974 150th Anniversary of Independent Newspapers in Australia
7c Black on Buff, William Charles Wentworth & Letter A

1975 International Women's Year
10c International Women's Year

1975 Centenary of the Universal Postal Union - PHILAS HOUSE SPECIMEN SET
7c UPU Specimen;
30c UPU Specimen

1975 Division of the Post Master Generals Department (the P.M.G.)
into Two Separate Commissions - Australia Post & Telecom Australia
10c Australia Post;
10c Telecom Australia

1976 50th Anniversary of the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation)
18c Measuring Stick, Graph & Computer Tape

1976 National Stamp Week - Stamp Day 1976
18c National Stamp Week - William Blamire Young; (Final or Fourth Stage Printing)
18c First Stage Printing;
18c Second Printing Stage;
18c Third Stage Printing

1977 50th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Australian Council of Trade Unions
18c Trade Union Workers

1978 50th Anniversary of the Royal Flying Doctor Service
18c Royal Flying Doctor

1978 National Stamp Week
20c - 3d Blue kookaburra (stamp on stamp)

1979 International Year of the Child
20c Children at Play on a Slippery Dip

1980 Community Welfare
22c The Salvation Army;
St. Vincent de Paul;
22c Meals on Wheels;
22c Life. Bet in it!

1980 National Stamp Week
22c Old Style Post Box;
22c Postman in Uniform;
22c Old Style Delivery Van;
22c Postman & Post Box;
22c Postman with mail in hand

1981 50th Anniversary of the Founding of APEX
22c Apex Symbol & Map of Australia

1981 International Year of Disabled Persons
24c Paraplegic Basketballers

1982 50th Anniversary of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission)
27c Announcer & Microphone;
27c ABC Logo

1983 St. John Ambulance Centenary
27c Badge of the Order of St. John 

1983 50th Anniversary of Australian Jaycees
27c Australian Jaycees
1985 International Youth Year
30c Youth Representation
1985 Centenary of District Nursing
33c District Nurse
1985 Conservation
33c Soil
50c Air
80c Water
90c Energy 
1986 America's Cup Triumph, 1983
36c Boxing Kangaroo
36c Australia II
36c America's Cup
1986 International Year of Peace
36c Dove of Peace
1987 America's Cup Defence
36c Masthead View
55c Tacking
90c Crossing Paths
$1 Sails
1987 Agricultural Shows
36c Livestock
65c Produce
90c Sideshows
$1 Competitions
1988 Living Together Definitives
4c Trade Unions
10c Transport
15c Sport
20c Commerce
25c Housing
37c Postal Services
45c Health
50c Mining
53c Primary Industry
70c Science & Technology
80c Performing Arts
90c Banking
$1 Rescue & Emergency Services
1988 Living Together (series 2)
1c Religion
2c Industry
3c Local Government
5c Parliament
30c Welfare
40c Recreation
55c Education
60c Armed Forces
63c Police
65c Telecommunications
68c The media
75c Visual Aids
95c Law
1989 50th Anniversary of Australian Youth Hostels
41c Young People Outside a Hostel
1990 Scientific Co-operation in Antarctica
41c Glaciology
$1.10 Marine Biology