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Victorian Issues
Attempts were made to start a settlement in Victoria a number of times (in the Port Phillip area) all failing badly, so it was not until 1835 when John Bateman established a settlement, then in 1851 the area was proclaimed Victoria, this colony covers an area of just under 23,000,000 hectares and gained responsible Government in 1855, then in 1901 became a member of the Commonwealth of Australia.
The first postage stamps were issued on 3 January, 1850.
(Interim listing as these two stamps were reproduced, although they were not for use as postage)
1900 Boer War Patriotic Fund
Watermark   Perforation 12 1/2
These Patriotic Stamps were also reproduced and released on 21 April 2005
V90-1-1 1d (1/-) Brown
V91-1-1 2d (2/-) Green
Victorian State Issues
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