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Bikes (Motor and Push)
1975 Environmental Dangers
10c Road Safety
1985 Centenary of District Nursing
33c District Nurse
1988 Living Together Definitives (series 2)
40c Recreation

1984 Veteran & Vintage Cars
30c 1898 Thompson;
30c 1906 Tarrant;
30c 1919 Australian Six;
30c 1923 Summit;
30c 1924 Chic
1989 Urban Environment
41c Highway Scene

1929 First Airmail
3d Green, (De Haviland bi-plane)

1931 Honouring Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith
2d Red,
the Southern Cross circling world globes;
3d Blue, the Southern Cross circling world globes;
6d Purple, Airmail, the Southern Cross circling world globes;
6d Brown,  the Southern Cross circling world globes

1958 Inauguration of Around the World Air Services by Qantas Airways
2/- Blue, Super Constellation Airliner

1958 30th Anniversary of First Air Crossing of the Tasman Sea
8d Blue, Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith

1964 50th Anniversary of the First Airmail Service
5d Green, Monoplane;
2/3 Red Monoplane

1965 50th Anniversary of the Death of Lawrence Hargrave
5d Sepia/Multi-colour Hargrave & Flying Boat

1969 50th Anniversary of the First Air Flight, England to Australia
5c Captain Ross Smith & a Vickers Vimy;
5c Captain Wrigley, Point Cook, Darwin & a BE 2E Aircraft

1970 50th Anniversary of Qantas
6c Boeing 707 & an Avro 504K;
30c Sunbeam Dyak Aircraft & a Boeing 707

1973 National Development (issue 2)
35c Mapping

1978 Australian Aviators
18c Harry Hawker (Sopwith Camel);
18c Bert Hinkler (Avro Avian);
18c Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (Fokker monoplane, "The Southern Cross");
18c Charles Ulm (Fokker monoplane, "The Southern Cross")

1978 50th Anniversary of the Royal Flying Doctor Service
18c Royal Flying Doctor (Baron Beechcraft)

1980 Australian Aircraft
22c Wackett CA-6;
40c Winjeel CA-25;
45c Boomerang CA-13;
60c Nomad

1984 50th Anniversary of 1st Official Airmail
Australia/New Zealand - Australia/Papua New Guinea
45c Australia to New Zealand;
45c Australia to Papua New Guinea

Ships and Boats
1953 150th Anniversary of Settlement in Tasmania
2/- or 2s Green, Sullivan Cove, Tasmania, 1804 (three master ship at anchor)

1959 150th Anniversary of the Australian Post Office
4d Isaac Nichols (first Post Master) boarding the brig "Experiment" in Sydney Harbour 1809.

1963 Early Navigators Definitives (part 1)
4/- Blue Abel Tasman (ship in background)

1964 Early Navigators Definitives (part 2)
5/- Red/Brown, William Dampier (white paper);
£1 Purple, George Bass (ship in background);
£2 Brown, Phillip Parker King (ship in background)

1964 Early Navigators Definitives (part 3)
7/6 Green, Lieutenant James Cook (white paper);
10/- Maroon, Matthew Flinders (cream paper)
1965 Early Navigators Definitives (part 4)
10/- Maroon, Matthew Flinders (white paper)

1966 Queen Elizabeth II Decimal Definitives - Early Navigators (issue 4)
40c Blue, Abel Tasman (ship in background)
50c Red/Brown, William Dampier (ship in background)
$1 Maroon, Matthew Flinders (ship in background)
$2 Purple, George Bass (ship in background)
$4 Brown, Phillip Parker King (ship in background)

1966 350th Anniversary of Dirk Hartog landing on the coast of Western Australia
4c Blue/Orange-red/Black/Gold, 15th Century Ship

1970 Captain Cook Bicentenary
5c Cook, & the Endeavour;
5c Landing, a Sextant & the Endeavour;
5c The Endeavour, Discovery, Cook and his Men, Aboriginals & Kangaroos;
5c The Endeavour, Cook, Banks, a map & Sketches of Flora & Fauna;
5c The Endeavour, Sovereignty & Possession is Proclaimed;
30c Cook, the Endeavour, a Sextant, a Kangaroo & an Aboriginals
1971 28th International Congress of Orientalists, Canberra, Australia - Asia Series
20c Sea Craft
1972 Pioneer Life in Australia
80c Paddle Steamer

1973 National Development (issue 2)
20c Shipping

1979 Ferries & Steamers
20c P.S. Canberra;
35c M.V. Lady Denman;
50c P.S. Murray River Queen;
55c H.V. Curl Curl

1981 Yachting in Australia
24c Ocean Racer;
35c Lightweight Sharpie;
55c Twelve Metre;
60c Sabot
1983 Australia Day
27c H.M.S. Sirius;
27c H.M. Supply

1983 Queen's Birthday
27c H.M.V. Britannia

1984 Clipper Ships
30c Cutty Sark;
45c Orient;
75c Sobraon;
85c Thermopylae
1985 Australian Bicentennial (issue 2, part 1)
Terra Australis - Navigators
33c Hartog's Eenhracht
1986 150th Anniversary of South Australia
33c the 'Buffalo'
1986 America's Cup Triumph, 1983
36c Australia II
1987 America's Cup Defence
36c Masthead View
55c Tacking
90c Crossing Paths
$1 Sails
1987 Australian Bicentennial (issue 4, part 1)
Departure of the First Fleet (HM Brig Supply & HMS Sirius)
36c Assembly of the Convicts for Loading
36c Marine & his Wife
36c Sailors Ferrying Supplies
36c Personnel being Ferried Aboard
36c Departure of the Fleet
1987 Australian Bicentennial (issue 4, part 2)
The First Fleet at Teneriffe
$1 Arrival at Teneriffe
36c Santa Cruz, Teneriffe, Canary Islands
36c Fishermen plying their Trade
1987 Australian Bicentennial (issue 5, part 1)
The First Fleet at Rio de Janeiro
37c Stormy Seas
37c Rio de Janeiro
37c Departure
1987 Australian Bicentennial (issue 5, part 2)
The First Fleet at the Cape of Good Hope
$1 Fishermen plying Their Trade as the Fleet Arrives
37c Loading the Stores
1988 Australian Bicentennial (issue 6, part 1)
The First Fleet: Arrival Australia Day 1988
37c HMS Supply at Sydney Cove
37c Aboriginal Family
37c Sydney Cove & Wildlife
37c HMS Supply at Port Jackson
1992 Australia Day
45c Young Endeavour,
45c Britannia,
$1.05 Akarana,
$1.20 John Louis
1993 Naval and Maritime War Vessels
45c Cruiser HMAS Sydney II
85c Bathurst Class Corvette HMAS Bathurst
$1.05 Tribal Class Detroyer HMAS Arunta
$1.20 Hospital Ship Centaur
Trains and/or Trams
1954 Centenary of the Railway System in Australia
3½d Maroon, Locomotives

1970 Completion of the Standard Gauge Rail Link, Sydney to Perth
5c Orange/Red/Purple/Black, Diesel Loco & Representation of Rail Lines
1979 Australian Steam Locomotives
20c Double Fairlie;
35c Puffing Billy;
50c Pichi Richi Railway
55c Zig Zag Railway
1989 Urban Environment
41c Railway System
1989 Australian Historic Trams
41c Adelaide Horse Tram
41c Sydney Steam Tram
41c Melbourne Cable Tram
41c Hobart Double Decker Tram
41c Brisbane Combination Tram
1993 Trains
45c Tasmania's Centenary Special
45c Spirit of Progress
45c Western Endeavour
45c Silver City Comet
45c Kuranga Tourist Train
45c The Ghan
1969 50th Anniversary of the First Air Flight, England to Australia
5c Lieutenant Hudson Fysh, Surveys & a Ford Truck
1973 National Development (issue 2)
30c Beef Roads

1983 Historic Fire Engines
27c 1891 Shand Mason Steam Fire Engine;
40c 1914 Hotchkiss Fire Engine;
65c 1929 Ahrens-Fox PS2 Fire Engine;
75c 1851 Merryweather Manual Fire Engine
1988 Living Together Definitives (series 1, part 1)
10c Transport

ll Other Vehicles, Machinery & Transport
1947 150th Anniversary of City of Newcastle
3½d Blue, Steel Foundry
5½d Green, Coal Crane

1953 Produce Food!
3d Green, Wheat, (Harvester);
3d Red, Wheat, (Harvester)

1955 Pioneers of the Coaching Era
3½d Sepia, Outback Cobb & Co. Coach
2/- Brown, Outback Cobb & Co. Coach

1972 Pioneer Life in Australia
15c 19th Century Wheat Harvester;
50c Cobb & Co Coach
1981 International Year of Disabled Persons
24c Paraplegic Basketballers (Wheelchairs)
1991 Across Town Postage Paid Stamped Labels
Sydney Metropolitan Delivery
$3.25 Across Town Sydney Label
1991 Across Town Postage Paid Stamped Labels
Perth Metropolitan Delivery
$3.25 Perth Across Town Label
1992 BoxLink
Boxlink Parcel Label