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1968 Issues
The initials NPB below stand for the Note Printing Branch

World Weather Watch &
Telecommunications Satellite

Designer: John Mason 5c & 20c; Robert Ingpen 25c - Printer: NPB
This set were issued to highlighted the use of the Intelsat II Satellite for world weather forecast & communications, the three designs are 5c, the Weather Satellite in orbit around the Earth; 20c, World Map, Computer Tape, Spools & Teleprinter; 25c, Intelsat II Satellite & Dish Antenna at Moree, New South Wales.
Issued 20 March with perforation as below

217-1-1 5c Weather Satellite in Orbit, perforation 13¼ x 13½;
218-1-1 20c World Weather Map & Computer Sections, perforation 13¼ x 13½;
219-1-1 25c Intelsat II Satellite & Dish Antenna, perforation13½ x 13¼

Australian Native Flower Decimal Definitives
Issue 1, Part 1

Designers: listed below (in brackets) - Printer: NPB
This issue was released in two issues containing seven parts; two parts in issue one & five parts in issue two, although issue two was only released in coil format the two releases compliment & complete each other.   Issue 1, Part 1, July, 1968 (below); Issue 2, Part 1, April, 1970; Issue 2, Part 2, September, 1970;Issue 1, Part 2, May, 1971; Issue 2, Part 3, October, 1971; Issue 2, Part 4, November, 1973 & Issue 2, Part 5, January, 1975.   These flowers are also the Floral Emblems of Australia (State or National) as listed after each description, followed by designer. There was also an Australian Native Flower release during the years, 1959, 1960 & 1964, but in pounds shillings & pence values.
Issued 10 July with perforation 13½ x 13¼
220-1-1 6c Kangaroo Paw - Western Australian State Emblem, (designer Nell Wilson);
221-1-1 13c Pink Heather - Victorian State Emblem, (designer Ralph Warner);
222-1-1 15c Tasmanian Blue Gum - Tasmanian State Emblem, (designer Dorothy Thornhill);
223-1-1 20c Sturt's Desert Pea - South Australian State Emblem, (designer Dorothy Thornhill);
224-1-1 25c Cooktown Orchid - Queensland State Emblem, (designer Ralph Warner);
225-1-1 30c Waratah - New South Wales State Emblem, (designer Nell Wilson)

Soil Science & Medical Conference
Designer: Robert Ingpen - Printer: NPB
These two stamps were released to commemorate the 9th International Congress of Soil Science at Adelaide, South Australia & the General Assembly of World Medical Associations in Sydney, New South Wales, the first design incorporates a soil sample being analysed, a crop of cereal is also included emphasising a rise through science in productivity, the second design includes rubber-gloved hands holding a syringe & a portrait of Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine", a gutter pair is also shown below.
Issued 6 August with perforation 13¼ x 13½
226-1-1 5c Soil Sample;
227-1-1 5c Hippocrates;
226-1-1_227-1-1 GS Gutter Pair

XIX Olympic Games
Designer: Harry Williamson - Printer: NPB
This pair of stamps were released to commemorate the Mexico City Olympic Games, the 5c, shows a Torch Bearer & the Aztec Calendar Stone, while the 25c shows the Mexican Flag & the Aztec Calendar Stone.
Issued 2 October with perforation as below

228-1-1 5c Athlete & Aztec Calendar Stone, perforation 13½x13¼;
229-1-1 25c Mexican Flag & Aztec Calendar Stone, perforation 13¼x13½

11th Triennial Congress of the International Union of Building Societies and Savings Associations
Designer: Erica McGilchrist - Printer: NPB
This stamp was released to commemorate this event, the design shows a Building (or stylised house) and Dollar signs.
Issued 16 October with perforation 13½ x 13¼

230-1-1 5c Yellow/Green/Mauve/Brown/Black House & Money

Christmas 1968
Designer: George Hamori - Printer: NPB
This stamp was released to celebrate Christmas, the design shows a Church window with a scene from Bethlehem in the background.
Issued 23 October with perforation 13½ x 13¼

231-1-1 5c Church Window & Scene from Bethlehem

Famous Australians
Issue 1

Designers: as listed below (in brackets) - Printer: NPB
This issue was the first issue of Famous Australians, these four designs are (in order) Andrew Barton "Banjo" Paterson (1864 - 1941), Poet, Solicitor, War Correspondent; Caroline Chisholm (1818 - 1877), Pioneer Social Worker & Reformer; Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth David (1858 - 1934), Geologist and Antarctic Explorer; Albert Namatjira (1902 - 1959), noted Aboriginal Artist.  These stamps were only available in $1 booklets of 20, 5c stamps, each book containing 5 of each stamp, there are five issues in this series of Famous Australians the issues are: Issue 1, November, 1968 (below); Issue 2, November, 1970; Issue 3, May. 1973; Issue 4, August, 1975; Issue 5, November, 1976.
Issued 6 November with perforation 14¾ x 14/Imperforate
232-1-1 5c Blue-black/Pale Blue, Andrew Barton 'Banjo' Paterson (designer A. Cook);
233-1-1 5c Deep Purple/Mauve, Caroline Chisholm (designer A. Cook);
234-1-1 5c Deep Green/Pale Green, Sir Tannatt William Edgeworth David (designers the NPB);
235-1-1 5c Brown/Buff Albert Namatjira (designers the NPB)

150th Anniversary of the First Australian Lighthouse 'Macquarie Tower'
Designer: Artists Engravers of NPB - Printer: NPB
This issue was released to commemorate the opening of the first Australian Lighthouse in Australia, "Macquarie Tower."
Issued 27 November with perforation 14¼ x 13½

236-1-1 5c Black/Pale Yellow, Macquarie Tower