Australian Online Stamp Catalogue
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Numbering System
The number system is made up of three sets of numbers, separated by dashes (1-1-1) with different
suffixes to identify the type.
The first number denotes the stamp or group of stamps, the second number denotes a change in
colour and/or amount or value, the third number can be a change in perforation, a different stamp in
the same set or design, the same stamp with a printing error, making it different from the first issue,
the difference between Lick & Stick or Peel & Stick. 
A small letter is at times used to denote something odd (i.e. three Specimen stamps of different
lettering or Font size, issued for the same stamp will have a suffix of a, b, c, etc. depending on the
number of stamps involved).

The Prefixes are:
Commonwealth Issues = A, (although this prefix is not actively listed within the catalogue).

The Colonial Issues are:

N = New South Wales;
Q = Queensland;
S = South Australia;
T = Tasmania;
V = Victoria;
W = Western Australia.

The suffixes are:

BK = Booklet Pane;
BK OP = Booklet Pane Overprinted for a Show, Expo or Special Event;
a BK = Booklet Cover;
a BK OP = Booklet Cover Overprinted for a Show, Expo or Special Event;
BX - Issued box of stamps (can be a 100 or 200 roll of stamps), generally Peel & Stick type;
C = Cinderella or stamps with No postal validity;
CB = Cheque Book (usually 20 Booklets, stapled together)
CP = Counter Printed stamps (Computer generated at the counter)
GS = Gutter Strip;
MS = Miniature Sheet;
MS OP = Miniature Sheet Overprinted (a miniature sheet overprinted for a Show, Expo or Special
OF = BCOF or British Combined Occupational Forces, Japan;
OP = Overprint on an already issued Booklet, Miniature Sheet or Sheetlet;
OS = Large Punctured OS or Official Service;
PB = Prestige Booklet;
PC = Complete Normal Pane;
PCR = Complete Reverse Pane;
POS = Printed OS or Official Service;
SESS = Special Event Souvenir Sheetlet;
SH = Sheetlet of 5, 10 or 20 stamps;
SOS - Small Punctured OS or Official Service;
SP = Stamp Pack (an officially packed set or group of stamps)
SPEC = Specimen Overprint (all types);
SS = Se-tenant Pair, Block, Set or Strip;
TB = Tete-beche Pair, Block, Set or Strip;
VP = Vertical Pair or Strip (the same as SS except in vertical format).