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1932 King George V
Watermark 47 - Multiple Small Crown's over "CofA",
referred to as the C of A watermark
The 3d Blue (2-14-6) stamp below was produced from Die 2, the stamps below are listed in value order, 1/4 = one shilling & four pence or one & four.
Issue date as shown in brackets, with perforation 13½ x 12½

2-14-6 3d Blue (die2), (30 September);
2-21-5 5d Brown, (25 February);
2-22-4 1/4 Blue, (18 August)

In 1932 a stamp with rough printing was discovered with perforation 11, by an avid stamp collector, later Henry S. Elderfield, an engraver was charged & jailed along with another man, Charles Jackson for forging this stamp and the 1932, 2d Red, Sydney Harbour Bridge stamp (see 2d Red Sydney Harbour Bridge) the stamp had Watermark 46 - Multiple Small Crown's over letter "A's", referred to as the Small Multiple Watermark