Australian Online Stamp Catalogue
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Remembrance or Memorials
1935 20th Anniversary of Landing at Gallipoli by the ANZACS
2d Red, Whitehall Cenotaph;
1/- Black, Whitehall Cenotaph

1946 Peace & Victory
2½d Red, Crest & Olive Wreath;
3½d Blue, Australian Flag & Dove of Peace;
5½d Green, Angel, Peace, Motherland & Industry
1955 Australian - American Friendship
3½d Blue, Queen's Head & USA Memorial

1958 Australian War Memorial, Canberra
5½d Lake, Sailor & Airman;
5½d Lake, Soldier & Nurse
1965 50th Anniversary of Anzac
5d Khaki, Simpson Statue;
8d Blue, Simpson Statue;
2/3 Maroon, Simpson Statue
1990 The Anzac Tradition
41c At the Front
41c They Also Serve
65c Lest We Forget
$1 Casualties
$1.10 News
1991 In Memory of Those Who Served
43c Women's Wartime Services;
43c Siege of Tobruk;
$1.20 Australian War Memorial
1992 Australians Under Fire
45c Bombing of Darwin 1942;
75c Battle of Milne Bay 1942;
75c Battle of Kokoda Trail 1942;
$1.05 Battle of the Coral Sea 1942;
$1.20 Battle of El Alamein 1942
1993 Naval and Maritime War Vessels
45c Cruiser HMAS Sydney
85c Bathurst Class Corvette HMAS Bathurst
$1.05 Tribal Class Destroyer HMAS Arunta
$1.20 Hospital Ship Centaur