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1913-14 King George V
Engraved Issues
No Watermark

Designers: H. Altmann & R.A. Harrison - Engraver: T.S. Harrison - Printer: T.S. Harrison

The Cook Government commissioned a stamp of the current King, King George V in 1913, the first version of this stamp was
engraved (below) this stamp can be found in a number of different shades, but for this listing I will only show two (the Pale Red & the
Red), there were two printings of this stamp, the first on December 8, 1913 and the second on March 20, 1914, (in the 1913 issue the
mesh is horizontal, while in the 1914 issue it is vertical), this comes into effect with shrinkage, as the 1913 issues are shorter & wider
than the 1914 issue, the two stamps also curl differently, further issues (1914 on) in this design were Typographed.
Issued as listed in brackets, with perforation 11

2-1-1 1d Pale Red, (8 December, 1913);
2-1-2 1d Red, (20 March, 1914)