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Any and all with Australiana content
Everything from early pioneer life to, book characters, images or building architecture, people (things Australian or taken as being Australian).

1972 Pioneer Life in Australia
5c Pioneer Family;
10c Water Pump;
15c 19th Century Wheat Harvester;
40c Pioneer Homestead;
50c Cobb & Co Coach;
60c Morse Code Key;
80c Paddle Steamer

1973 Metric Conversion (Australia changed to metric measure)
7c Length;
7c Mass;
7c Volume;
7c Temperature

1980 Australian Folklore Series 1
Waltzing Matilda
22c The Swagman by a Billabong;
22c The Swagman & the Jumbuck;
22c The Squatter on his Thoroughbred;
22c The Troopers;
22c The Swagman's Ghost

1981 Gold Rush Era
22c Licence Inspection;
22c Puddling;
22c Quality of Washing Stuff;
22c On Route to Deposit Gold

1983 Australian Folklore (series 2)
The Sentimental Bloke
27c The Bloke;
27c Doreen - The Intro;
27c The Stor 'at Coot;
27c Hitched;
27c The Mooch o 'life
1985 Colonial Military Uniforms
33c Royal Victorian Volunteer Artillery
33c Western Australian Pinjarrah Cavalry
33c New South Wales Lancers
33c New South Wales Contingent to the Sudan
33c Victorian Mounted Rifles
1985 Australiana (issue 1)
Classic Children's Books
33c Elves and Fairies
33c The Magic Pudding
33c Ginger Meggs
33c Blinky Bill
33c Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
1986 Australiana (issue 2)
Click Go the Shears
33c the old shearer stands
33c The ringer looks around
33c the Boss of the Board
33c The tar boy is there
33c Shearing is all over
1987 Australiana (issue 3)
The Man from Snowy River
36c  at the station
36c mountain bred
36c that terrible descent
36c at their heals
36c brought them back
1987 Aussie Kids
37c Catching Yabbies
55c Cat's Cradle
90c Barracking at the Footy
$1 Playing with Joey
1988 Living Together Definitives (series 1, part 1)
4c Trade Unions
10c Transport
15c Sport
20c Commerce
25c Housing
37c Postal Services
45c Health
50c Mining
53c Primary Industry
1988 Panorama of Australia
39c The Desert
55c The Top End
65c The Coast
70c The Bush
1989 Colonial Collection - Pastoral Era (part 1)
39c Immigrants
39c Pioneers
39c Squatters
39c Shepherds
39c Explorers
1990 Colonial Collection Series (part 2)
150th Anniversary of the First Postage Stamp
41c 1861 5/- Purple Coin, New South Wales
41c 1855 1/- Violet Queen, South Australia
41c 1853 1d Orange Queen, Van Dieman's Land
41c 1867 5/- Blue on Yellow Laureate, Victoria
41c 1897 6d Green Queens, Queensland
41c 1854 4d Blue Inverted Swan, Western Australia
1990 Colonial Collection Series (part 3)
Gold Fever
41c Off to the Diggings
41c The Diggings
41c Panning for Gold
41c Gold Commissioner's Tent
41c The Gold Escort
1990 Colonial Collection Series (part 4)
41c Land Boom
41c Building Boom
41c Investment Boom
41c Retail Boom
41c Factory Boom
1993 Working Life in the 1890's
45c Baking, Bootmaking & Shearing
45c Seamtress's & Stevedoring
$1 Blacksmith, Telephonists & Domestic
$1.20 Carpentry & Stone Masonry