Australian Online Stamp Catalogue
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1946 Peace & Victory
3½d Blue, Australian Flag & Dove of Peace
1955 50th Anniversary of Rotary International
3½d Red, Rotary Emblem with International flags flying above
1970 Royal Visit
30c Australian Flag & Silhouette of Her Majesty the Queen

1978 Australia Day
18c Australian Flag
1979 Australia Day
20c Flag Raising Sydney Cove 1788
1979 Christmas (part 1)
25c Christmas Parcels  (flag wrapping)

1981 Australia Day
22c Australian Flag as Continent
1986 America's Cup Triumph, 1983
36c Boxing Kangaroo Flag
1987 Australia Day
36c Australian Flag in Micro-circuitry
1988 Living Together Definitives (series 2)
5c Parliament
1988 The Opening of Parliament House, Canberra
37c New Parliament House, Canberra
1988 Joint Bicentennial Issue with the United Kingdom
37c Emigration
37c Democracy
37c Sport
1991 Australia Day - Flags
43c Australian National Flag;
90c RAN White Ensign;
$1 R.A.A.F. Ensign;
$1.20 Red Ensign