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1929 Issues
1929 saw the issue of two stamps, the First Airmail stamp (released in two types) & the Centenary of Western Australia Red Swan.

First Airmail Issue
Without Watermark
Designer: Ronald A. Harrison in conjunction with Harold Herbert - Engraver: Arthur Taylor - Printer: John Ash
The design is of a De Haviland DH66 biplane, the plane used on the East-West Service inaugurated on 2 June, 1929, the plane is shown flying over a flock of Merino sheep with stands of eucalypts on either side, the stamp was issued for the Perth-Adelaide air service, (or East-West Service) inaugurated 2 June, 1929, the stamp was released in two types; Type A, the mesh of the stamp is vertical with a stamp size of 31 x 22 mm, while Type B, the mesh of the stamp is horizontal with a stamp size of 31.75 x 21.5 mm, a 36d Booklet was also released, also an Official stamp punctured OS was issued for Government use, this stamp could be in either type A or B, there a number of designs submitted, all the work of R. A. Harrison, Harold Herbert was then commissioned to prepare further designs, based on Harrison's work, the final stamp is shown below, they were also released in 36d booklets of 12 stamps in 1930.
Issued 20 May, with perforation 11
5-1-1 3d Green, Type A;
5-1-2 3d Green, Type B;
5-1-1 SOS 3d Green Official (could be either 'A' or 'B')
Centenary of Western Australia, 1929
Without Watermark
Designer: G. Pitt-Morrison (Curator of the National Gallery, Perth)
Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: John Ash
This stamp was released to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the founding of Western Australia, the design incorporates a Swan as the central figure, with Kangaroo Paws (the Western Australian State Flower) & Eucalyptus flowers & leaves, an Official stamp punctured OS was also issued for Government use, a number of designs were submitted, three from Mr G. Pitt-Morrison (the then Curator of the National Gallery, Perth), one of his designs with slight modification was chosen.
Issued 28 September, with perforation 11
6-1-1 1½d Red Swan;
6-1-1 SOS 1½d Red Swan Official