Australian Online Stamp Catalogue
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Exhibition & Conference Issues
1928 Fourth Australian Philatelic Exhibition, Melbourne
3d Blue Kookaburra
1949 75th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union
3½d Blue Outback Mail Carrier
1950 Centenary Issue of Postage Stamps in Australia
2½d Maroon/Red Sydney Views (reproduction of 1850 issue);
2½d Maroon/Red Half Length Queen Victoria (reproduction of 1850 issue)
1953 Centenary of First Tasmanian Postage Stamp
3d Red Queen Victoria Sideface (reproduction of 1853 issue)
1960 Centenary of the First Queensland Postage Stamps
5d Green Queen Victoria (reproduction of 1860 issue)
1967 5th World Conference of Gynaecology & Obstetrics
4c Light Red-violet/Blue/Indigo/Black Female Symbol

1968 11th Triennial Congress of the International Union of Building Societies and Saving Associations
5c House & Money

1969 6th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Ports and Harbours
5c Port Melbourne

1970 Australian Participation, Expo 70, Osaka, Japan
5c the Australian Pavilion;
20c The Southern Cross & Japanese Characters

1970 11th International Grasslands Congress
5c Cow & Townsville Stylo

1970 16th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference, Canberra
6c Rising Flame

1970 XVIII International Dairy Conference
6c Australian Illawarra Short Horns (cattle)

1971 28th International Congress of Orientalists, Canberra, Australia - Asia Series
7c Theatrical Characters;
15c Musical Instruments;
20c Sea Craft

1972 12th World Conference on Rehabilitation
12c Worker in Wheelchair;
18c Occupational Therapy;
24c Toronto Splint

1972 10th International Congress of Accountants, Sydney
7c Abacus & Computer Circuits
1974 Centenary of the Universal Postal Union
7c Stylised Pigeon & Envelope
30c 3 Stylised Pigeons & Envelopes
1976 National Stamp Week
18c William Blamire Young
1978 National Stamp Week
20c (reproduction) 3d Blue Kookaburra (issued 1928)
1980 National Stamp Week
22c Old Style Post Box;
22c Postman in Old Style Uniform;
22c Old Style Delivery Van;
22c Postman & Post Box;
22c Postman with Mail in Hand
1982 National Stamp Week
27c (reproduction) Sydney Harbour Bridge stamp (issued 1932)
1984 AUSIPEX 84
30c (reproduction) 1d Kangaroo (first Commonwealth stamp) released 1913
1984 AUSIPEX 84 World Stamp Exhibition, Melbourne
30c (reproduction) 1d Kangaroo (first Commonwealth stamp) released 1913;
30c (reproduction) 3d Queen Victoria (first Victorian stamp) released 1850;
30c (reproduction) 1d Sydney View  (first New South Wales stamp) released 1850;
30c (reproduction) 1d Queen Victoria (first Van Dieman's Land stamp) released 1853;
30c (reproduction) 1d Queen Victoria (first South Australia stamp) released 1855;
30c (reproduction) 1d Black Swan (first Western Australian stamp) released 1854;
30c (reproduction) 6d (Victoria) Chalon Head (first Queensland stamp) released 1859
1987 Frama - Australian Fauna
50c Platypus Overprinted CUP-PEX '87
1988 Expo '88
37c Expo Logo
1988 Frama - Australian Fauna
$1 Echidna Overprinted F.I.A.P. '88 (AEROPEX '88)
1988 Australian Bicentennial 
The Early Years 1788 - 1809
Gutter Strip Overprinted SYDPEX '88
1988 Living Together Definitives (series 3)
Stamp & Booklet Issue
39c Tourism