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1977 Issues
The initials NPB below stands for Note Printing Branch
Australian Performing Arts Definitive
Designer: Wendy Tamlyn - Printer: NPB
This issue was a short-term definitive, this issue is comprised of only four subjects, music, drama, dance & opera, but many more exist & all have played a part in Australia since the colonial days.
Issued 19 January with perforation 14 x 14¾
435-1-1 20c Music;
436-1-1 30c Drama;
437-1-1 40c Dance, withdrawn 17 September, 1980;
438-1-1 60c Opera

Silver Jubilee of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Designers: Australia Post, Graphic Design Section Artist's  - Printers: as listed below
This issue was based on colour photographs, the 18c from a photograph supplied by "The Australian Women's Weekly" & the 45c from a photograph taken by Lord Lichfield, after considerable problems with printing, 2% of this issue was printed by the Government Printer, the remaining 98% of this issue was printed by Norman J. Field of Melbourne, a commercial printer, 3 sets of plates were used for the 18c & 2 sets for the 45c, imperforate "Examples" of both were also available.
Issued 2 February with perforation 14 x 14½

439-1-1 18c Queen Elizabeth II Plate 1;
439-1-2 18c Queen Elizabeth II Plate 2;
439-1-3 18c Queen Elizabeth II Plate 3

440-1-1 45c Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip Plate 1;
440-1-2 45c Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Phillip Plate 2

439-1-4 18c Imperforate Example;
440-1-3 45c Imperforate Example

Centenary of Australia-England Test Cricket


Designer: Bruce Weatherhead - Printer: NPB
This issue was printed in Vertical Format Se-tenant strips of five 18c stamps showing the field format of a cricket match (I.E.) The Wicket-keeper & Score Board; the Batsman; fielders & the Melbourne Cricket Ground Flag; the Umpire & 2nd Batsman; the Bowler, a 45c stamp of the Batsman's end of the Pitch was also issued.
Issued 9 March with perforation 13½
441-1-1 18c The Wicket-keeper;
442-1-1 18c The Batsman;
443-1-1 18c Melbourne Cricket Ground Flag;
444-1-1 18c Batsman & Umpire (Bowlers End);
445-1-1 18c The Bowler

441-1-1_445-1-1 SS Se-tenant Strip of Five

446-1-1 45c The Batsman's End of the Crease

50th Anniversary of the Opening of
Parliament House, Canberra
Designer: Artist's of the NPB - Printer: NPB
Celebrating fifty years since the first Parliament House was officially opened by the then Duke of York (who later became King George VI) on the 9th May, 1927.
Issued 13 April with perforation 14½ x 14

447-1-1 18c Parliament House, Canberra

50th Anniversary of Foundation of the
Australian Council of Trade Unions
Designer: Brian Sadgrove from a concept by David Lanyon - Printer: NPB

The design shows a number of tradesmen & women representing different Trades Unions, from the left are: a shearer (rural), aircraft worker (transport), female lab assistant (scientific), a welder (metal), a dogman (building).
Issued 9 May with perforation 13½

448-1-1 18c Trade Union Workers

Australian Painting Definitives

Issue 2

Designer: Artist's of the N.P.B. - Printer: Asher & Co.
This is the second issue in this series, this design is of a painting called "Coming South" by Tom Roberts, it was released with two perforations, a SPECIMEN stamp was also released, there are a number of releases of Australian Paintings; Issue 1, April, 1974; Issue 2, October, 1977 (below); Issue 3, March, 1979; Issue 4, June, 1981; Issue 5, April, 1984. This stamp was reprinted on different paper in 1980 (see 449-1-2 below) due to shortage of stock, but the stamp is listed here as I do not have the printing details to list it under the correct date at present.
Issued 19 October with perforation as below
449-1-1 $10 "Coming South" by Tom Roberts, perforation 14½ x 14¾;
449-1-1 SPEC $10 SPECIMEN stamp;
449-1-2 $10 "Coming South" by Tome Roberts, (1980 Printing) perforation 14¾

Christmas 1977

Designer: 15c, Roger Roberts; 45c, Jackie O'Brien - Printer: NPB
This Christmas issue shows: 15c, Santa as a surfer, complete with "board shorts" riding a wave; the 45c, shows a more traditional view of Christmas with the Madonna & Child.
Issued 31 October with perforation as below

450-1-1 15c Surfing Santa, perforation 14 x 14½;
451-1-1 45c Madonna & Child, perforation 13½ x 13¼