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1935 Issues

20th Anniversary of the Landing at Gallipoli by the Anzacs
Watermark 47 (C of A)
Designer: B. Cottier - Modified & Engraved by: Frank D. Manley - Printer: John Ash
ANZACS stands for Australian & New Zealand Army Corps, the design shown is the Cenotaph, Whitehall, plants shown above the values are sprays of Wattle, New Zealand also issued two stamps to commemorate this event.
Issued 18 March with the perforation shown in brackets (below)

15-1-1 2d Red, (perforation 13½ x 12½);
15-2-1 1/- Black, (perforation 11)

Silver Jubilee of the Reign of King George V
Watermark 47 (C of A)
Designer: Frank D. Manley - Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: John Ash
This stamp features King George V on His horse named Anzac.
Issued 2 May with perforation 11½
16-1-1 2d Red;
16-2-1 3d Blue;
16-3-1 2/- Purple