Australian Online Stamp Catalogue
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Sports (any and all)
AFL (Australian Football League)
1974 Non-Olympic Sports Played in Australia
7c AFL Football
Commonwealth Games
1962 VII (7th) British Empire & Commonwealth Games
5d Multi-colour, Kangaroo Paw;
2/3 Multi-colour, Perth Coat of Arms & Running Track

1982 XII (12th) Commonwealth Games, Brisbane
27c Boxing;
27c Archery;
27c Weightlifting;
75c Pole Vaulting
1977 Centenary of Australia-England Test Cricket 1877 - 1977
18c Wicket-keeper;
18c The Batsman;
18c Melbourne Cricket Ground Flag;
18c Batsman & Umpire (Bowlers End);
18c The Bowler;
45c The Batsman's End of the Crease
1988 Joint Bicentennial Issue with the United Kingdom
37c Sport
1989 Sports Definitives (series 1)
70c Cricket
1992 Centenary of Sheffield Shield Cricket
45c Bowler's End;
$1.20 Batsman's End
Horse Racing
1978 Australian Horse Racing
20c Tulloch;
35c Bernborough;
50c Phar Lap;
55c Peter Pan
Olympic & Paralympic Games
1954 Olympic Games Publicity (issue 1)
2/- or 2s Blue Olympic Games Poster

1955 Olympic Games Publicity (issue 2)
2/- or 2s Green, Olympic Games Poster

1956 XVI (16th) Olympic Games, Melbourne, Australia
4d Red, Melbourne Coat of Arms & Olympic Rings;
7½d Blue, Olympic Torch;
1s or 1/- Multi-colour, Collins Street, Melbourne;
2s or 2/- Multi-colour, Banks of the Yarra River, Melbourne

1968 XIX (19th) Olympic Games, Mexico
5c Athlete & Aztec Calendar Stone
25c Mexican Flag & Aztec Calendar Stone

1972 XX (20th) Olympic Games, Munich, Germany
7c Rowing;
7c Athletics;
7c Swimming;
35c Equestrian

1976 XXI (21st) Olympic Games, Montreal, Canada
18c Soccer;
18c Gymnastics;
25c Diving;
40c Cycling
1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles, USA
30c Pre-start;
30c The Event;
30c Post Event
1988 Olympic Games, Seoul 1988
37c Basketball
65c Athletics
$1 Gymnastics
1992 25th Olympic & Paralympic Games, Barcelona
45c Cycling, Olympic Games;
$1.20 Weightlifting, Olympic Games;
$1.20 High Jumping, Paralympic Games
Other Sports
1974 Non-Olympic Sports Played in Australia
7c Golf;
7c Cricket;
7c Surfing;
7c Lawn Bowls

1984 Skiing in Australia
30c Slalom;
30c Nordic;
30c Downhill Racer;
30c Freestyle
1986 America's Cup Triumph, 1983
36c Boxing Kangaroo
36c Australia II
36c America's Cup
1987 America's Cup Defence
36c Masthead View
55c Tacking
90c Crossing Paths
$1 Sails
1987 Frama - Australian Fauna
50c Platypus Overprinted CUP-PEX '87
1988 Living Together Definitives
15c Sport
1989 Sport Definitives (series 1)
1c Bowls
2c Tenpin Bowling
3c Football
39c Fishing
55c Kite Flying
70c Cricket
$1.10 Golf
1989 Sports Definitive (series 2, part 1)
41c Cycling
1990 Sports Definitives (series 2, part 2)
5c Kyaking & Canoeing
10c Sailboarding
20c Tennis
65c Rock Climbing
$1 Fun Run
1990 Sports Definitives (series 2, part 4)
43c Skateboarding
$1.20 Hang Gliding
1991 Sports Definitives
75c Netball;
80c Squash;
85c Diving
1981 Australian Sporting Personalities
22c Darby 'The Demon' Munro;
35c Victor Thomas Trumper;
55c Sir Norman Everard Brookes;
60c Walter Albert Lindrum

Rugby League
1974 Non-Olympic Sports Played in Australia
7c Rugby Football
Rugby Union
1974 Non-Olympic Sports Played in Australia
7c Rugby Football
1991 Sports Definitives
90c Soccer