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The island of Nauru is located in the Pacific Ocean with the Gilbert Islands to the east and is another phosphate heavy island, the island was discovered by John Fearn, Captain of the Hunter in 1898, it was originally named Pleasant Island and was known by this name until annexed by Germany in 1888, in 1914 during WWI the island was occupied by Australian forces, then in 1920 it fell under a League of Nations mandate held by Great Britain, Australia & New Zealand.  In 1942 during WWII, the island was occupied by the Japanese, then three years later Australian forces re-occupied the island, in 1947 it was placed under United Nations trusteeship under the same three countries but administered by Australia, the island achieved full independence as a republic on 1 January, 1968.
German stamps were used in Nauru until 1897, then the stamps of the Marshall Islands until 1914, then overprinted stamps were used, both British overprinted with the word Nauru & captured Marshall-Inselin (Marshall Island) overprinted G. R. I. & the value (G.R.I. is an abbreviation for George Rex Imperator or King George V, this last type was also used in New Guinea from 1914.