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Papua New Guinea
In September 1914, at the beginning of WWI, Australian troops invaded German New Guinea. In October and December 1914, the remaining stocks of German colonial stamps were overprinted with two mentions,one on the upper line, "G.R.I." for Georgius Rex Imperator in honour of King George V, on the second line a new denomination was printed in Australian currency (pounds, shillings & pence), a number of the German Marshall Islands stamps were 'liberated' from Nauru, which were also sent to New Guinea, these stamps were overprinted in the same fashion as German New Guinea stamps and sold from December 1914, then Nauru stamps of Australia overprinted "NORTH WEST PACIFIC ISLANDS" were also used from January 1915 to 1925, then stamps were used from the Kangaroo and King George V series of Australian stamps.
On 23 January 1925, the Australian administration of the Territory of New Guinea issued the first stamp series, representing an indigenous village, then in June 1931, with the first transportation of mail by air, a part of the Hutt stamps was overprinted with a plane and the words "AIR MAIL". So Papua New Guinea was a territory of Australia for around 70 years until dependence was declared and the territory adopted self-government in 1972 and on 15 September 1975, the Territory became the independent nation of Papua New Guinea as a result of self governance and independence I am only listing the stamps to 15 September, 1975 as all stamps after that date are no longer Australian Territorial stamps.