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1957 Issues

XVI Olympic Games Miniature Sheet
This is a Cinderella

In 1957, a Melbourne firm produced (with permission) 50,000 miniature sheets, AS BELOW, with the four 1956, Olympic stamps (in reduced size) in a miniature sheet, with for all intents & purposes an Olympic Postmark, this issue has no postal value or validity, so this sheet is a CINDERELLA, I have listed this sheet, so new collectors will be able to identify these sheets.
Cinderella Miniature Sheet
108-1-1_111-1-1 C Cinderella Miniature Sheet

King George VI New Low Value Definitives
Part 4

Designer: Frank D. Manley - Engraver: E.R.M. Jones - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
This release shows the 2/6 stamp, based on a photograph by Roy Dunstan, the image is of a central Australian Aboriginal named "One Pound Jimmy", he was named this as each time he was asked how much he charged to perform a task he replied, "One pound, Boss", his Aboriginal name was Gwoya Jungarai, he died on 28 March, 1965, while on walkabout on the Narweitooma cattle station, west of Alice Springs, although being advanced in years (over 70) his actual age was never known. There were 5 Issues of 11 Parts to this release; Part 1, Issue 1, 1950; Part 1 Issue 2, 1951; Part 1, Issue 3, 1952; Part 2, 1952; Part 3, Issue 1, 1950; Part 3, Issue 2, 1951; Part 3, Issue 3, 1956; Part 3, Issue 4, 1959; Part 4, 1957 (below); Part 5, 1964; Part 6, 1965.
Issued 30 January with perforation 14½

69-2-2 2/6 Brown One Pound Jimmy

Queen Elizabeth II Definitives
Second Release
Part 2

Designer: Frank D. Manley - Engraver: Frank D. Manley - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
This issue was released in 3 parts, Part 1, March, 1955, Part 2, during, 1957 (below), Part 3, September, 1961, the design was based on a bas-relief by W. L. Bowles.
  The stamps below are listed in value order
Issued as below (in Brackets), with perforation 14 x 14¾

101-1-1 4d Lake Queen Elizabeth, (13 March);
101-2-1 7½d Purple Queen Elizabeth, (13 November);
101-3-1 10d Blue Queen Elizabeth, (6 March);
102-2-1 1/7 Brown Queen Elizabeth, (13 March)

Centenary of Responsible Government in South Australia
Designer: P.E. Morris - Engraver: P.E. Morris - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
This issue shows the South Australian Coat of Arms (the fruit shown in the design are Oranges & Grapes, there were two types of this stamp (both listed below); Type A, the scroll just passes through the hyphen between the dates, Type B, the scroll extends past the hyphen.
Issued 17 April with perforation 14½ x 14¾

112-1-1 4d Red/Brown Type A;
112-1-2 4d Red/Brown Type B

The Royal Flying Doctor Service
Designer: James E. Lyle with modifications by B. Stewart - Engraver: Donald Cameron - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
Design shows a map of Australia overshadowed by the Caduceus, this stamp was released as a definitive & available for all purposes, but primarily to covers the postage & internal air mail rate.
Issued 21 August with perforation 14¼  x 14

113-1-1 7d Blue Caduceus over Australia

Christmas 1957
Designer: adapted by Donald Cameron - Engraver: Donald Cameron - Printer: W.C.G. McCracken
This issue is based on the original "The Child Samuel at Prayer" painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds
Issued 6 November with perforation 14¼  x 14

114-1-1 3½d Red The Child Samuel at Prayer;
114-2-1 4d Purple The Child Samuel at Prayer