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1972 Issues
The Initials NPB below stand for Note Printing Branch

Australian Prime Ministers
Issue 2

Designer: John Santry - Printer: NPB
This is issue 2 of the Australian Prime Ministers Series & was also released in booklet form only, three books in total were released, 2 x 70c booklets, 1 containing panes of Fisher & Hughes & 1 containing panes of Cook & Bruce, a $1.40 booklet containing 1 pane of each stamp design, the designs were printed in Blue for Fisher & Hughes and Red for Cook & Bruce, the designs are; Andrew Fisher (1862-1928) 5th P.M., he was P.M. three times, 1908-1909, 1910-1913 & 1914-1915; Sir Joseph Cook (1860-1947) 6th P.M. 1913-1914; William Morris (Billy) Hughes (1862-1952) 7th P.M. 1915-1923 & Stanley Melbourne Bruce (Viscount Bruce) (1883-1967) 8th P.M. 1923-1929. There were three issues in this theme: Issue 1, 1969; Issue 2, 1972 (below) & Issue 3, 1975.
Issued 8 March with perforation 13¾ x 14/Imperforate
298-1-1 7c Andrew Fisher;
299-1-1 7c Sir Joseph Cook;
300-1-1 7c William Morris (Billy) Hughes;
301-1-1 7c Stanley Melbourne Bruce (Viscount Bruce)
298-1-1_301-1-1a BK $1.40 Booklet Cover;
298-1-1a 7c Andrew Fisher with Descriptive Tab;
299-1-1a 7c Sir Joseph Cook with Descriptive Tab;
300-1-1a 7c William Morris (Billy) Hughes with Descriptive Tab;
301-1-1a 7c Stanley Melbourne Bruce (Viscount Bruce) with Descriptive Tab

50th Anniversary of the Country Women's Association
Designer: Val Mason - Printer: NPB
This stamp was released to commemorate 50 years of the association, the central feature of the design is the associations emblem.
Issued 18 April with perforation 13½ x 13¼

302-1-1 7c CWA Emblem

Australian Primary Industries
Issue 2

Designer: Douglas Annand - Printer: NPB
This is the second in this series, the first was released in September, 1969, again there are 4 stamps in the release, industries covered are; Fruit, Rice, Fish & Beef.
Issued 14 June with perforation 13¼ x 13½

303-1-1 20c Fruit;
304-1-1 25c Rice;
305-1-1 30c Fish;
306-1-1 35c Beef

Rehabilitation of the Handicapped
Designer: Artist's of the NPB - Printer: NPB
This release was issued to coincide with the 12th World Conference on Rehabilitation, Sydney, 26 August to 1 September, the stamps were based on photographs by Barbara Ardizzone, the 12c shows a worker in a wheelchair; the 18c shows an occupational therapist (Helen Coleborne) instructing a patient (Bruce Silk) in the use of an artificial arm at the Mt. Wilga Rehabilitation Centre, Sydney; the 24c shows a boy (Norman Sheather of Coonamble) in a Toronto Splint playing basketball.
Issued 2 August with perforation 13¼

307-1-1 12c Worker in Wheelchair;
308-1-1 18c Occupational Therapy;
309-1-1 24c Toronto Splint
Centenary of the Completion of the Overland Telegraph
Designer: John Copeland - Printer: NPB
This stamp was released to commemorate 100 years since the completion of the overland telegraph, the design shows a set of telegraph lines stretching into the distance.
Issued 22 August with perforation 13¼ x 13½

310-1-1 7c Overland Telegraph

XX Olympic Games, Munich
Designer: Brian Sadgrove - Printer: NPB
This stamp was released to commemorate the 20th Olympic Games, held in Munich.
Issued 28 August with perforation 13½ x 13¼
311-1-1 7c Rowing;
312-1-1 7c Athletics;
313-1-1 7c Swimming;
314-1-1 35c Equestrian

10th International Congress of Accountants Sydney
Designer: Gordon Andrews - Printer: NPB
This stamp was released to commemorate 10th year of International Congresses,
Issued 16 October with perforation 13¼

315-1-1 7c Abacus & Computer Circuits
Pioneer Life in Australia Definitives
Designer: Robert Ingpen - Printer: NPB
This release shows seven aspects of early pioneer life in Australia, the 5c is a composite of a number of people from different places, prepared by the artist, people in the design include, Sophie Ingpen the artist's daughter & also his wife's mother, Mrs Salmon, the grandmother is taken from S. T. Gill's drawing of gold miners celebrating at the Queen's Theatre in 1853, Pelonemena Francis Darling Bateman (daughter of John Bateman, founder of Melbourne) was the inspiration for the governess, the grandfather is Angus McNie a Riverina shepherd from the 1870's based on a photo that hangs at Clare Station & the male figure at the back is Frederic Hitchins a councillor from Geelong Council in the 1850's.
Issued 15 November with perforation as below

316-1-1 5c Pioneer Family, perforation, 13½ x 13¼, withdrawn 25 August, 1977;
317-1-1 10c Water Pump, perforation 13½ x 13¼;
318-1-1 15c 19th Century Wheat Harvester, perforation 13¼ x 13½, withdrawn 17 September, 1980;
319-1-1 40c Pioneer Homestead, perforation 13¼ x 13½;
320-1-1 50c Cobb & Co Coach, perforation 13¼ x 13½, withdrawn 25 August, 1977;
321-1-1 60c Morse Code Key, perforation 13½ x 13¼;
322-1-1 80c Paddle Steamer, perforation 13¼ x 13½

Christmas 1972
Designers: 7c, Wendy Tamlyn with modifications by Post Office Artist's; 35c, Lance Sterling - Printer: NPB
The designs in this issue are based on two verses from the New Testament, namely for the 7c, Mark 10:14 "Suffer the little children to come unto me."  And for the 35c, John 8:12 "I am the light of the world."  The 7c shows Jesus & children, while the 35c shows a dove & a cross with colours radiating out as in darkness to light, the 7c stamp was also the first stamp produced on the Rembrandt Photogravure Press installed by the NPB in 1972, the 35c was produced by means of a reel-fed Chambon Press.
Issued 29 November with perforation 13½

323-1-1 7c Jesus with Little Children;
324-1-1 35c From the Cross to Illumination