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The old website builder fell down at the beginning of 2011, it then deleted pages from 1998 on, information scans, everything. 
So after ten months of late nights, the New look website up to 1998 was loaded on 12 November 2011.

25 November, 2011        Information updates to a number of old listings (corrections) - missing scans to 1999, scans and details for 1999
                                            updated listed for the first time in new catalogue.

06 December, 2011       Some parts of the year 2000 listed for the first time in new catalogue, Themes updated to the 1964 issues, plus a
                                            few updates (all corrections) to the Welcome Page, Unusual Stamps, the 1958 listings, the 1962 listings, the 1971
                                            listings the 1993 listings, the 1997 listings, the 1999 listings and the 2000 Index

12 December, 2011       Year 2000 listed to July, themes updated to 1970, well over 3000 images have now been used in the catalogue,
                                            missing scans have now been updated to 1999, with corrections to 1970 & 1993

19 December, 2011       Year 2000 listed complete, themes unchanged, corrections to 1999, year 2001 begun
18 January, 2012          Corrections made to 1973, 1975, 1999 & 2000, missing scans updated to & including 2000, 2001 listings complete
                                            for the first time in the new catalogue, Special Editions updated to & including 2000, Themes updated to & including
                                            1974, There are a number of scans missing (sheetlets, booklets etc), I possibly have them, but I am not looking for
                                            them at this time, they will be added as I find them and as time permits to scan them or if someone supply's me the

07 March, 2012            Corrections to 1973, 1975, 1976, 1977 & 1978, corrections & additions to 1927, 1998, 1999, 2001, information addition
                                           to 1970 'Qantas' listing entries and information for 2002 (for the first time in this catalogue), also the themes have
                                           been updated to and including 1979.

11 March, 2012             I am having problems with 2002, a number of entries are not publishing?

15 March, 2012            2002 republished, all sections listed now, although some of the sheets are missing, the info is up, corrections to
                                          1986,1987, 1990, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1998, 1999, Australian Wildlife Series 7 created (these are the counter printed

20 March, 2012            I have added a guest book to the system, a number of missing scans are now listed from 1980 through to 2002 as
                                          I have been able to resurrect a number of images from the old backup dive, I am working on preparing these now
                                          and listing them, images found are across the board, I just wish I had been able to find more information, but all
                                          text appears to have been deleted, a majority of images are unusable, but considering I had over 4000 images on
                                          the drive, 10% on average is a good result, but this result has taken me many months of work to find and no sooner
                                          had I transferred them of the drive, the drive died completely and my system will no longer even read it exists, let
                                          alone read it up, so it is dead, it will make a good wall hanging and talking point.
24 March, 2012           More corrections and additions from 1980 through to 2003, mostly gutter strips, miniature sheets and overprinted

06 April, 2012             Corrections to a number of pages from 1960 to 1984, themes completed to 1984, also working on the main pages
                                          for 2003 and now trying to reproduce the error in 2002 for the Teckies, so take no notice of the numbers in the blank
                                          lines in 2002 (numbered 1 to 73), they will only be up for a limited time. (well I tried, but no luck, I don't know if that
                                          is a good thing or a bad thing, we will see I suppose)

01 May, 2012              Corrections made to 1999, 2000, 2001, images of SESS sheetlets have been supplied by a collector from Western
                                        Australia, I am uploading & formatting all images now, all images will be incorporated into the catalogue, joining
                                        those already listed, a small number of changes to the numbering (only to the SESS sheetlets) and a large number
                                        of images uploaded to 1999 & 2000, working on 2001 & 2002 now.

22 May, 2012                 Have completed the SESS sheetlets to and including 2002, I am also listing the Counter Printed range although I
                                         only have two sets (but well over 60 different literals were printed from 1994 to the current date)

31 May 2012                  2003 published along with all details of SESS sheetlets (all images I could lay my hands on) and Counter Printed
                                         stamps (images coming in the future), some booklet images are missing but I will try to source them if I do not
                                         have them in my collection, it is possible I do, but I would prefer to get the remaining pages published then look
                                         for them.

18 June 2012               I have now listed all details available to me and images for the Counter Printed range from 1994 to 2000, I will
                                        continue to list this range, but I have no images past this point, with a number missing in 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
                                        & 2000, I have also made a number of spelling corrections, many thanks to Steve Irwin Quality Stamps for the
                                        Counter Printed images and to another mate Steve for the proof corrections to the spelling and wordiness, I will
                                        now go back to listings 2004.

20 August 2012          I have listed the early counter printed range (1993/4) along with the missing scans for 2003 and a large part of
                                        2004, plus a number of corrections that have come to light, also a number of missing scans courtesy of Steve
                                        Irwin Stamps (namely the 1913 Kangaroo OS 1/2d Green, the 1922 King George V OS 1 1/2d Violet, a pair of 1924
                                        Specimen one pound Kangaroos, the 1929 10/- Pink Specimen & the 1930 two pound Red Specimen
18 November 2012   Well 2005 is well under way, plus a number of additions and corrections to many pages including the Welcome
                                       Page, the Numbering System, spelling mistakes throughout and images for issues for 1985, 1986, 1993, 1994,
                                       1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 & 2004.
26 November 2012   A few more updates, plus a few corrections to the data base, next update should include the missing scans
                                       list update

09 December 2012   A few more updates to 2005, plus even more corrections, across the board, missing scans updated to 2004,
                                       themes updated to 1988 plus

20 December 2012   Themes now complete up to and including 1990, a few more parts of 2005 and a few more errors corrected.

31 December 2012   A lot of updates 1986 to 2005, most of the information for 2005 and all images I currently have available,
                                       although I am still looking for some I know I have (my collection sorting and saving has taken a back seat
                                       while I try to bring the catalogue into current years), a number of corrections to a few years as well

17 January 2013        About a week ago my website provider advised they were moving this site to a dedicated site, great, after
                                       completion, 8 pages were missing (1998, 99, 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04 & 2005, with 100's of scans, so I rebuilt those
                                       pages, formatting is not finished yet, but I re-published so the information was on-site as least, the website
                                       went down again, they moved me to another dedicated site, oh joy, this time two pages are missing, but it
                                       won't let me re-list as fast this time, fun and games, 1993 & 1994, information is online, images are following
                                       now, should take a couple of days, then I will complete the formatting for 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005.

18 January 2013        After re-publishing another page has vanished, this times in Themes, I have replaced it with a temp run, will
                                       complete as I can either someone is accessing the site without permission or the publisher is deleting sections

23 January 2013       Published today with updates across the board and repairs to multiple pages, 1993 & 1994 rebuilt from scratch,
                                      1997, 1998,1999, 2000, 2001, & 2002 now rebuilt, 2003, 2004 & 2005 all info in place, but formatting to come,
                                      working on it now.
02 February 2013     Published today with the formatting for 2003 & 2004 complete, with part of 2005 done as well, an update to the
                                      1940 Imperial Force issue and sections of information and formatting for 2006 completed.  

13 February 2013     Three new pages in production, Post Cards, Envelopes (First Day Covers etc.) & Unadopted Designs, also a
                                       correction to 2004, thanks to one of our catalogue readers for picking the errors to stamp nos. 1860 & 1861. 
                                       Included in this update are additions to 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930.

20 February 2013     Missing scans added to 1987 & 1999, new page content added (postcards, FDC, envelopes etc) also a number
                                       of page links that have ceased to work, probably since the transfer to the new dedicated server
26 February 2013     A number of corrections across the board, plus a correction to 1981  and the Wildlife links on the Themes page.
18 June 2013             Have finally started working on the catalogue again, as my internet connection has been too unstable to publish.
19 June 2013             2005 Formatting complete, a number of images still missing, but will add them as I scan them, 2006 is proving
                                       a challenge 107 stamps just for the Commonwealth Games Gold medal issue.
31 July 2013              A great number of missing images listed (especially those from 2005), 2006 well on the way with all Commonwealth
                                      Games stamps listed (all 107 of them), 2006 is proving fun as a number of my images have self destructed and I
                                      now have to rescan them, seems my formatting program was corrupted, all fixed now and starting again.
5 August 2013           Almost all main images for 2006 listed, working on the SESS sheetlets now, currently have none of the NRL
                                       Sheetlets, but working on that too!
29 August 2013       All the images and information possible is now listed for 2005 & 2006, there are images missing, I have a lot of
                                      them, I just need to find and scan them, starting work on 2007 now.
30 August 2013       One set of Counter Printed stamps listed (last one on the list  for 1999, at least one stamp listed for the missing
                                      counter printed range 1999 to current, 2007 template started formatting images at the same time.
1 September 2013   A small number of additions (missing scans) supplied by a stamp friend for 2005 & 2006, currently formatting
                                      images for 2007 and sorting & listing the information for listing the same.
5 September 2013    A number of corrections and additions, two new unadopted designs from 1938, plus working on 2007, some
                                       additions to the 1994 Advance Bank issues (namely the test sheet) and the 1996 issues of the standard release
                                       sheet, thank you Ken from Queensland for the images.
21 November 2013   A number of links have been found that are not working, to many in fact, they are corrected to 1965, working on
                                       the remainder now, a small number of SESS sheetlets have been added for the year 2000, plus a lot of information
                                       for 2007 gearing up for listing the rest now along with the images
23 November 2013   A further number of bad links and some SESS sheetlets for 2003, 2004, 2005 & 2006, working on info and scans
                                       for 2007 as well
7 December 2013      I have finished the ordinary issues for 2007, still finishing the SESS sheetlets now, plus a number of additions I
                                       did not have for 2003 (prestige booklets), currently also formatting images for 2008.  There is also a large addition
                                       to  the 1970 Famous Australians, with many thanks to Karen Pleash from Queensland for the excellent images.
8 December 2013     That's 2007 complete as far as I can see for the moment, a couple of images missing but nothing I am concerned
                                       about as most are Prestige booklets or pages there of.
9 December 2013     A minor correction to 2007, plus Themes completed to and including 1992, working on 2008, information and images
23 December 2013   Working on 2008 I have come across a number of details that are iffy at best, I am composing an email to a contact
                                       in AusPost for clarification, she is very good so I should have the info soon, for now I will list the areas in a blue
                                       with "to be advised" in place.
25 December 2013    I have been trying to get 2008 basic issues completed by December 25th, no such luck, a number of things have
                                       prevented this not the least being programs that are falling down, the problem appears to be external, so I am
                                       running diagnostic programs while I work on the website trying to identify the problem source, I have narrowed it
                                       down to FireFox or my website provider or both.
26 December 2013   The builder appears to have problems as it keeps changing the font's and colours by itself, not to mention a number
                                       of images vanishing, the problems is affecting 2006, 2007 & 2008 and I am not sure why
29 December 2013    Oh this is fun, NOT, half of 2008 just up and vanished, at least the information is still there, but the images are gone,
                                        I had five images missing so tried to relist them, caused the rest to fail and disappear, relisting the latter half now
10 January 2014       All basic issues listed working on SESS sheetlets now and overprinted booklets where I have images ready, I am
                                      also continuing to put either or both of the GO TO TOP and NEXT buttons in place at the bottom of all pages.
14 January 2014        A number of corrections from 1913 through to 1970 complete and published.
22 January 2014        Without exception almost every page has had a correction or addition, mainly because the builder seems to have
                                       decided to remove sections indiscriminately, I will have to proof read every section and check every image, I am
                                        currently working on this problem and it seems it will take some time, luckily I have hard copy to work from as I
                                        backed everything up and printed each page after the last nightmare.
28 January 2014       Making a series of corrections, very quickly as I am about to change website providers, money exchange is about
                                      the same but if I can believe it no more black holes, which I can do without, then I will have to start again and proof
                                      the site I hope without any of the problems.
14 March 2014          We are back, I changed providers and got screwed, so I am rebuilding, we have been off air for over a month in       
                                      one form or another.
27 April 2014           A few additions and some extra's including a Christmas Island sheet, signed by the designer included in Unusual
27 April 2014            2009 complete to end of March now published
27 May 2014              I have been unable to do much on the cattle dog as the PC has been giving me grief, currently while I assemble the
                                      images needed for 2009, I am adding information I already have ready to listings from the early 1980's to the early 
                                      2000's, as I list them and publish I will advise here of the updated areas, 1997 has been completed.
14 June 2014            1998 and 1999 are complete, along with more of 2009.
20 June 2014             Published an update to 2009 all basic entries to 14 July listed.  Now have over 6,000 images listed on the website.
22 June 2014            Have shelved 2009 for the moment and I am listing all the Territories, having the info set out so I simply need to type
                                     it in
23 June, 2014           Have published sections for both the A.A.T. and Christmas Island.
5 July, 2014               A great deal of information and listing to 2003 are listed for Christmas Island and the Australian Antarctic Territory,
                                     the Cocos (Keeling) Islands are listed to 1988, images will follow when I finish formatting them, although I will
                                     probably finish listing the rest of the Territories first, two people recently supplied me with specimen stamps from the
                                     1990 Sports issue.
16 July, 2014             An update to 1990 with two Specimen stamps added, updates to images on AAT and information on Christmas Island
                                     andthe Cocos (Keeling Islands
25 July, 2014             Multiple sections of information to AAT, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands & Norfolk Island entered, images
                                      for AAT up to 1996, formatting images for Christmas Island and Coco now, I am waiting on conformation from
                                      Norfolk Island to list their stamps as they are a separate body to AustPost.
29 July, 2014            Images for AAT to 2005 now listed, Christmas Island to 1976 now listed, working on the rest and waiting on stamps 
                                     through the mail to complete sections, also a disc of images from one of my many supporters.
7 August, 2014        Due to a glitch in the builder I have had to replace 1997 in total, so all 1997 links are no longer working I am
                                     correcting them and reformatting the page and all links as I go, this will not be a quick fix as I have to identify each
                                     link first.
September, 2014     All images to 1992 complete for Christmas Island, plus a few minor fixes.
August, 2015            All basic issues for 2009 listed, now working on 2010, the special issues can wait until I catch up.