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1969 Issues
The Initials NPB stand for the Note Printing Branch

Centenary of the First Permanent Settlement in the Northern Territory
Designer: Marietta Lyon - Printer: NPB
The design on this stamp shows a survey team in 1869 & a view of Darwin.
Issued 5 February with perforation 13¼ x 13½

237-1-1 5c Yellow/Brown/Sepia, Darwin

6th Biennial Conference of the International Association of Ports and Harbours
Designer: John Mason - Printer: NPB
This stamp shows a harbour scene in Port Melbourne.
Issued 26 February with perforation 13¼ x 13½

238-1-1 5c Yellow/Blue/Red/Black, Port Melbourne

50th Anniversary of the International Labour Organisation
Designer: George Hamori - Printer: NPB
This stamp shows the I. L. O. Symbol.
Issued 4 June with perforation 13¼ x 13½

239-1-1 5c Dark Blue/Light Blue/Grey/Gold, ILO Symbol

Australian Primary Industries
Issue 1
Designer: Robert Ingpen - Printer: NPB
This issue (the first in the series) emphasises the importance of the Australian Primary Industries to Australia, the four designs are 7c, Sugar; 15c, Timber; 20c, Wheat; 25c, Wool, the second, Issue 2 was released in June, 1972.
Issued 17 September with perforation 13½ x 13¼
240-1-1 7c Bright Blue/Yellow/Green/Black, Sugar;
241-1-1 15c Grey/Green/Mid-red/Black, Timber;
242-1-1 20c Yellow/Brown/Green/Black, Wheat;
243-1-1 25c Grey/Orange/Dark Grey/Black, Wool

Christmas 1969
Designers: 5c, George Hamori; 25c, John Coburn - Printer: NPB
This issue celebrates Christmas 1969, the two designs are: 5c, a Stained Glass window of a Nativity Scene; 25c, a stylised Tree of Life with Christ's representation on the right.
Issued 15 October with perforation as below
244-1-1 5c Stained Glass Window, perforation 13½ x 13¼;
245-1-1 25c The Tree of Life, perforation 13¼ x 13½

Australian Prime Ministers
Issue 1

Designer: John Santry - Printer: NPB
This issue is Part 1 of the Australian Prime Ministers Series & was released in booklet form only, a $1 booklet was released containing 5 of each stamp design, the designs were printed in Dark Blue on paper that had been lithographed in Pale Pastel Green, the designs are; Sir Edmund Barton (1849-1920) 1st P.M. 1901-1903; Alfred Deakin (1856-1919) 2nd P.M., he was also P.M. three times 1903-1904, 1905-1908 & 1909-1910; John Christian (Chris) Watson (1867-1941) 3rd P.M. 1904 & Sir George Houstoun Reid (1845-1918) 4th P.M. 1904-1905. There were three issues in this theme: Issue 1, 1969 (below); Issue 2, 1972 & Issue 3, 1975.
Issued 22 October with perforation 14¾ x 14/Imperforate
246-1-1 5c Sir Edmund Barton;
247-1-1 5c Alfred Deakin;
248-1-1 5c John Christian (Chris) Watson;
249-1-1 5c Sir George Reid

50th Anniversary of First Air Flight England to Australia
Designer: Eric Thake -  Printer: NPB
This issue was released to commemorate the first air flight from England to Australia, the three designs were produced Se-tenant, both vertically & horizontal, the designs were: Captain Ross Smith & a Vickers Vimy 1919; Lieutenant Hudson Fysh Surveys & a Ford Truck; Captain Wrigley, Point Cook - Darwin & a BE.2E Aircraft.
Issued 12 November with perforation 13¼ x 13½

250-1-1 5c Captain Ross Smith & a Vickers Vimy;
251-1-1 5c Lieutenant Hudson Fysh Surveys & a Ford Truck;
252-1-1 5c Captain Wrigley Point Cook - Darwin & a BE.2E Aircraft
250-1-1_252-1-1 SS Se-tenant Strip of 3